Monday, August 4, 2014

House Tour: Playroom

One of my major priorities in finding our new house in Charlotte, was being able to find a space for a playroom for Mae. We are not super formal people, so we didnt need a super formal living room. So we took the family room, made it Mae's playroom, and then made the 'formal' living room, our family room! So far it has worked out perfect! I love that Mae's playroom is off of the kitchen, so while I am preparing meals I can keep my eye on her while she plays. I also love the fact that she knows this is her room to play in and that her toys stay in this room for the most part. I am not one of those mom's that has toys in each room for her to be occupied while I use that room. We just do not hang out in those room's on typical days.

With out further ado, here it is: 

It was only appropriate we put the old shutters in Mae's playroom. When she was a newborn she was infatuated with them, they would calm her when she was upset, and she spent a large part of the day staring them down! I swear that is how she held up her head so early! So they quickly earned the name "Mae's shutters" and Ryan says they have to go with her to college....We shall see. The green couch I love. It was a gift from my parents when I graduated grad. school with my Master's and I have loved it ever since. I snagged the fun rustic coffee table from TJ Maxx right before the move. I pulled apart two sets of lamps. The one on the left has it's pair in our bedroom and the one on the right has it's pair in our family room. Love them both. 

This chair is Mae's favorite and I purposefully left room above her name to add our next child's. They can share. Mae will realize they will share lots soon!

The above nook has compartments for her toys and where she stores her much-loved shopping cart!

Here is another corner of the room. Mae was given the easel for her 1st birthday from us and she loves to be an artist daily. We are still learning where and where NOT to draw with chalk. The adorable pink table was given to Mae by my parents for Christmas. The picture holder on the wall is intended for Mae's artwork she brings home from school that I have been waiting my whole life for. Hopefully, we will fill it soon after she starts "Wee-School" next month. For now, it holds her new friends birth announcements!

The crown molding frame I got in Fairhope, AL at a craft show with my friend Amy. It used to hold our wedding invitation, but is replaced with Mae Mae's sweet picture. Hoping to replace it soon with an updated one! The box on the table is an old wine box. I have 3 of them around the house and love them. I scored the handmade wooden xylophone from a neighbor at a garage sale and the wooden chair is one of a Pottery Barn set that we have upstairs in the bonus room for now. Mom and I found the fabulous turquoise table at Greystone Antiques in Birmingham. It used to serve as my sewing table...every time we have moved it gets a new purpose!

This is the fireplace with a door leading to our back deck. Mae loves to check on Eli, our dog, while she plays and he always comes to greet her when she bangs on the door for him! She loves that dog! I continue to love the mirror Ryan surprised me with last year and am reminded by how lucky I am to have a great man to spend my days and nights with...Mae is even luckier!

This table used to hold our TV and was the first piece of furniture we bought as a married couple from Pottery Barn. I love how I can use it now as an end table, and especially the drawers to store her toys, boys, music, etc. 

On top of the table houses one of my favorite pictures of Mae at the beach last year. Some of her favorite books and especially her new "I'm a Big Sister" book!

So that is room #1 of our home tour. Nothing special, not perfect, and as always a work in progress. Actually, just last week this room had different lamps and tables in it. My sweet friend Terri, who has a love for decor and organizing like I do, helped me get after it once we gave the kids cookies and locked them in the bonus room with a movie! It was a blast! Thanks sweet Terri!!! We, and by that I mean Ryan, plan to give this room a fresh coat of paint in the near future! Thanks for stopping by!

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