Monday, June 25, 2012

We had a great time at our 10 year HHS reunion. It was fun to decorate with friends, see old friends, and catch up! It was fun for Ryan and I to have graduated together and go together married, even though we didnt date in high school!
 I was in charge of decor.
 Mindy did a great job organizing the night, I was SO excited to see Jenn, and sweet Natalie just had a baby 2 weeks earlier and looked great!
 Meg and Holly are wives of 2 of Ryans best friends from HHS. I love those girls! Lauren and Hunter are another couple that graduated and got married from our class!
 Good friends! My old prom date all the way to the right, my first boyfriend 2nd from the left, and 3 of my best guy friends from high school. Oh and the hot guy in the middle is my hubby :)
 I love my bestie Jess!
 Reinacting our old tennis days! Cant wait for a few weeks to play together again at the beach!
Tennis friends!