Saturday, February 28, 2015

Maggie: one month

Our littlest pumpkin turned 1 month this week! Time is flying at triple speed now with 2 little loves. I can honestly say Maggie has been the easiest, sweetest baby. I am so so so very thankful. All I have heard is how 2 under 2 is the hardest thing to handle. I think God gave me a hall pass this time. She has joined our family with such ease and fit right in! She is pretty much go with the flow so far! 

She is on an eat wake sleep schedule. (Her mommy loves Moms on Call and Baby Wise) She eats every 3 hours (8, 11, 2, 5, and then again at 7:30) and is waking once at night as of this week. She goes to bed with her sister. It was really important to me to get them on the same bed time immediately. It gives Ryan and I some time together and has established her sleep time bed time for the next few years like her sister. 

My number one concern with this baby, was having enough sleep to be able to tend to both children and their needs. God has truly blessed me with the gift of rest! I have not needed a nap and besides going to bed super early, I have felt like the night's rest can get me through the day. 

Maggie went 4 hour stretches the first week she was home and each week has added an hour to that! Yes you read that correctly, she has slept 8 hours for 2 nights this week and 7 to 7.5 for the other nights. Hallelujah! 

Maggie has been in her crib since night one. Her room is right across from ours so it has worked for us. Plus one less thing to transition from later. She sleeps swaddled and on a wedge for her spit up. Homegirl spits up a lot. Mae never did. This is new to me. 

I am trying to do naps in her crib when I can. There are exceptions to this: taking Mae to school, errands, going on walks outside. She goes to sleep awake and does great on her own! We have had a few times I have to go in a give her a paci but she does great for only being alive for 30+ days. 

Speaking of paci, she does take one. Mae did at this age too. Hoping once I unswaddle her she will find her fingers like Mae did. I refuse to play paci-pong at night. 

She has her own look. She does not look like Mae did when she was born. She has less hair, is not as long in height, and has a different, squishy look.  

She lost her umbilical cord the 1st week! The dr. actually pulled it off and Ryan and I almost died. Mae's did not come off for 5 weeks. 

She has become more alert in the past week and loves to be talked to. She gives us glimpses of smiles and makes the sweetest baby noises you ever did hear. 

She is a great eater. I am exclusively nursing her. It took her 2 weeks to get back to her birth weight (8 lb and 10 oz), but since then she is packing it on! She now weighs 10 lb and 2 oz! The doctor is pleased and mama is proud!

I am trying to pump more this go-round and really keep up my milk supply by eating lots. I didnt have a great milk supply with Mae, so trying to nurse longer than the 5.5 months I lasted with Mae. Speaking of eating lots, I have only lost 16 of the 32 I gained!

Maggie takes a 4ish oz bottle at night with her daddy before bed. We did this with Mae to give him some one on one time with her and to give mama a break. Plus it helps get a good amount of milk in her quickly to help her last longer at night. 

Maggie is such a good sport with her big sister. She lets Mae clap her hands, stomp her feet, and dance. She even lets her do wheels on the bus hand motions and bounce her really high in the bouncy seat! She didn't enjoy the picture framed being thrown on her forehead, but she survived. 

Maggie loves her bath time and gets super relaxed and chill. She hates to get out and have lotion put on her just like her sister did. 

She has the deepest blue eyes and they are gorgeous. Doubt they will stay this color but enjoying them while they last!

Life with this girl is so sweet and I am cherishing every second of it, since this is our last baby. So thankful God blessed us with 2 little girls! 2 cute ones at that! 

Happy 1 month baby girl! So glad you you joined our family and can't imagine life without you!

365 x 2!

I officially have a two year old. Tear. It makes me sad in so many ways, but at the same time we are loving this stage she is in now. Her personality is so fun and she is so smart! She is becoming independent more and more each day. We are loving being her parents and are so thankful she gave us the title 'mommy' and 'daddy'.

We went to the doctor the day after her birthday. She weighs 26 lb and 8 ounces. Her head is in the 90th %. Big noggin for a big brain! The doctor said she was perfect...we agree!

She can count to 11, knows her ABC's, and all colors. She knows how to spell her name and can name a few letters (M, A, E, F). 

She feeds herself, drinks out of a big girl cup, and knows how to take off her jacket and put on her shoes by herself. 

She LOVES books: to read to herself and to be read to. She will turn the book like her teacher to show us the pages and she licks her finger to help turn the pages too. Maybe shew ill be a teacher like her mommy!

Her favorite words or sayings right now: "oh my goodness!", "thank you", "I watch Mickey!", "Love you!", "This one", and "My do it!".

She LOVES school and enjoys going. She is so proud of her craft each day and gets beyond excited when she sees me there to pick her up. By far my most favorite part of the day!

Her bed time has slowly been creeping back in the past few months. She is consistently sleeping from 7:30/8 to 7:30/8 the next day. 

She is still in her crib until we get Maggie sleeping consistently through the night and all of us on a good schedule. Once we go on 2 trips in April and May we will switch her to her big girl bed. She loves her afternoon nap ranging from 1.5 hours to 3.  

Her laugh gets us every time. It is so genuine and such a good belly laugh. Everyone comments on how great her laugh is...we love it!

Her friends include: Jackson, Kate, Paige, Molly, Isabeall, Avery, Ellie, and facetime buddies are Scarlett and Jane. 

Mae is obsessed with finding the pictures and videos of herself on our phones and watch them over and over again. 

Mae has one million baby dolls and loves playing mommy to them. She has 3 strollers that she uses ALL the time, ALL 3 of them. She changes her babies diapers, bathes them, sings to them, rocks them, burps them, and has become quite the little mama. 

Her eyes are the prettiest hazel and her hair is really lightening up! We love "pontytails" and piggy tails! 

Mae still loves our dog, Eli. She plays with him, yells at him, and enjoys helping her daddy feed him each weekend morning. 

She is still a pretty good eater. She loves hummus and carrots, turkey pepperoni and turkey hotdogs, fruit, raisins, yogurt and oatmeal, and her favorite food is hashbrowns from chickfila and popcorn. She still only drinks water and we just switched her to 2% milk. 

Wearing size 4 diapers. Hoping to potty train this summer. Wears size 6 shoe. Just recently grew out of 18 month clothes and is wearing 24 month for the most part. 

She LOVES her grandparents and has a special and unique bond with each of them. She loves her Nonna, K-pa, BB and Bup!

She LOVES to feed the ducks in our neighborhood and play outside!

Mae loves to color, paint, stamp, use stickers, you name it! She loves any kind of art! She loves to help me clean up and sings the clean up song. She loves music! We sing all day long and dance to music, too!

Mae is a daddy's girl but loves her mama too. Whens he is hurt she wants her mommy. We so enjoy our days together, especially now when Maggie is sleeping. She gets the most excited when daddy comes home from work. Her special time with daddy is bath time and bed time. She has him wrapped around her little finger. 

Mae loves her new role as big sister. She kisses on her sister, play with her, sings to her, talks to her and loves to help get her diapers and wipes for mommy and paci for Maggie. The first thing she asks for in the morning is "Moggie" and last thing she does at night is kisses her goodnight. 

We had such a fun birthday party with our girl at our house on her actual birthday Feb. 25. It was a low key Pizza, Painting, and PJ's party! We had her closest friends over and had a great time before it started snowing! Such a fun way to end her birthday! 

Mae Mae: I still can not believe I am a mommy, and especially to you, such a special little girl. I am so thankful God chose me to be your mommy! Thank you for making our day brighter, our smiles larger, and our laughs constant. Maggie is so lucky to have you as a big sister and learn from you! We promise to guide you, teach you, love you and help you always! 
Thank you Jesus for our baby girl!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our new life...

This first month has been filled with new memories, new moments, new norms, new adjustments, and our new family of 4. Here it is documented in pictures:

Lots of kisses:

Our first family of 4 picture:

Mae says, "I hold it"

In case she forgets her name starts with an 'M':

Lots of snoozing:

The cutest little feet I ever did see:

My beautiful mom getting snuggles and spent 10 days with us:

Sporting sunglasses in PJs:

Introducing Maggie to Eli:

Lots of snuggles:

Lots of intentional one on one time with our girl, this was us feeding the ducks:

Sharing Nonna's glasses:

My 2 girls:

They love their Nonna, as do I!

Our first date night out! One week into it!

I came downstairs and his exact words were: " I am in heaven "

Lots of morning snuggles with all 4 of us in bed on weekend mornings:

Smiling in her sleep:

I could eat her up:

Our first outing as a family of 4, Mellow Mushroom for Jackson's birthday!

Homegirl likes to be swaddled...alot:

I see you...

Mae sneaks up on her all the time...our new favorite is gentle!

I get a good amount of snuggles myself:

She is obsessed with being a big sister:

Our first time to the neighborhood park and on a walk!

We had a Valentine's party with all of Mae's friends:

Leaving her Valentine's party at school:

Did I say we like to snuggle?

It is true...

We had 3 birthday parties last weekend and one this weekend: Princess party!

Art party!

"Are you serious? Ryan and Leighton produced me?" Yes, yes we did. 

Chunky Monkey. I told you I dont make small babies!

Next post, my first baby will be TWO! Tear...and my 2nd baby will be one month.