Thursday, February 27, 2014


Welp, its been 365 days. I. cant. believe. it. seriously. Our hearts are so full and we are so thankful for God's gracious gifts. We have loved this precious girl more and more each day when we didnt think our hearts could hold anymore love. We had a wonderful weekend celebrating her with friends and family, and then on her actual birthday, Tuesday, we had a perfect family day! On her actual day we had a picnic as a family at the park, swung on the swing set, and went to dinner that night. It was perfect. 

This past month, Mae has been walking alot more. She can walk anywhere holding on to something (hand, shopping cart, tables) and can walk 5-8 steps at a time. She stands great all alone and is confident in her standing. She can even stand up in the middle of a room with nothing to pull up on. 

She still has 12 teeth and do not see any more on their way just yet. 

We went to the dr. yesterday. She weighs 20 lb. 7 oz. 45%. Head was 95%! It is for the big brain of hers! Height was 90%, just like her uncle Travis! The dr. said she is perfect and we think so too! We LOVE our new doctor. Poor thing, Mae has seen 3 since she was born because of our moves. Hopefully, this time she will get to know this one a little better. This doctor came highly recommended from a friend in Auburn, Thanks Maggie!, and is right across the street from us! So convenient! Mae LOVED her and kept smiling at her and playing with her!

She still is obsessed with books and loves baby dolls. She can find their eyes and ears and say the words as she touches them. She can repeat alot of words we can say, I am sure others cant understand what she is saying, but I can! 

Mae has been completely off of the bottle since a little after 11 months. We started whole milk at 12 months. She is loving it! She is still in size 3 diapers, but might go ahead and buy 4's this next go around. 

Mae is so easy going and will go to almost anyone! She never cries when I hand her off to someone and for that I am grateful! I signed her up for mother's day out in September! I cant believe it! I know she will love it and it will make me a better mommy, so I can get errands and house chores done while she is playing with her friends, learning about Jesus, and getting  some energy out!

Mae LOVES her grandparents, both sets, and recognizes them all right off the bat. She is spoiled rotten by all of them, so she is smart to remember who they are! 

Mae can pull up my cell phone to her ear like she is talking and knows how to swipe, click and press the home button on my phone. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. 

Eating wise, she has not been the best eater the past couple of weeks. I am banking it on the fact that we have moved 4 states away and then traveled lots on top of that. Last night she ate a ton of green beans and grilled chicken so I am hoping we are on the right track!

Mae LOVES Eli and any other dogs for that matter. She knows how to say 'woof woof' when we ask her what Eli says. 

We love you our little ONE year old! Here's to many more years, memories, and fun times! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We heart Mae!

We had a wonderful first birthday party for Mae, a heart party! Here are a few of the celebration, more to come! Thank you to everyone who came and spoiled our Mae Mae! We love you! Happy Birthday to our sweet baby girl! God knew what he was doing when he gave you to us!