Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flip this House!

So Ryan and I have grown to love HGTV...its probably the only tv show that we both agree on watching together! :) I have learned to deal with some of his shows (sports, law and order SVU, The Office, etc.) and he has learned to deal with some of mine (bachelor, biggest loser, greys anatomy, etc.) But the one we both will watch at any time is HGTV. We started watching it when Ryan was on the house hunt, but then kept watching it after that. Its like an unspoken motivation to help us do things with our house to help it improve and be somewhat of an investment! Its been fun to do together! Here are a few pictures of some things we have been working on! We have a list (you know me! :)) on the fridge of improvements we want to do...let's just hope these all get done. :)
Ryan tried to break out our guest bath mirror to put a pretty mirror instead...lets just say it still looks like this right now :) We are still working on this one :

Sweet Holli and Jay gave us this chandelier from their house (ours was an ugly outdated silver one)...I took her out to lunch because she wouldnt let me pay for deal ever on a great chandelier!!!!

There was an AWFUL fluorescent light in the kitchen...we put a simple bronze fixture instead:

Molly and I surprised Ryan and painted the master bathroom while he was gone to Tampa for the Au game! Thanks Mols for your help! A true friend helps paint! :)

Ryan stained the fireplace:

Ryan painting the guest bath

Our List of things, I had to put this on here...just becuase everyone laughs at my lists :)

Monday, January 4, 2010 we come!

So Ryan and I had a wonderful new years, with our families, but without each other. I know very sad, our first married new years and we are not together...BUT we will be together everyday for the rest of our lives, so we decided to go for it! Ryan went with his sweet dad on a father son trip to the Auburn game! War Eagle!! (I almost had a heart attack with that game!)

While he was off doing that, my sweet mom came to visit me! We had a mother/daughter NYE: went to dinner (with a new huntsville friend of mine Danielle and her mom) and then went out for drinks! It was so fun! Then, Friday my dad came to take us to lunch and took mom on a little vacay for the weekend. My best friend, Molly, came to visit for the was SO cold, so we didnt have too much going on, but I loved spending quality time with her!

Now, I decided I would post my New Years Resolution's so I could be held accountable. I can honestly say last year was the first year I have stuck to my goal for the WHOLE goal was to simplify and I indeed DID THAT! I resigned from my yearbook position at school, narrowed my bible studies down to ONE, started saying NO to some things, finished Grad. school, and really started to focus on what was important in my, friends, and the hubby! (hence the marriage :) So this year the top resolutions are:

#1 Let GO, & Let God...I tend to try to do all things on my own, & need to let God be my controller ALL the time & really MEAN it when I say it! :) I really REALLY am going to try to work on my OCDness, concentrate on whats important, and if something is not exactly how I want it, LET-IT-GO!

#2 Try to be a better listener, motivator, companion, helper, cooker, encourager, and wife to Ryan, my new husband. I want to focus on whats important in our marriage, and let go of what is not. We feel we are building a solid marriage already and know that our foundation is what is important from now and until the end of our lives.