Monday, February 28, 2011


Ryan and I had the pleasure of going to IGNITE at our church from home in Birmingham this weekend. It is a 2 day marriage retreat. We went to it last year and it was AMAZING! Both Ryan and I got so much out of it and refer back to what we learned so many times. So we went again this year and it was so good again! Church of the Highlands is a bitter sweet time for us. WE MISS THAT CHURCH SO MUCH AND KNOW it would help us continue to grow so much if we could have stayed there...However, it is so nice to go back for holidays and times we are back in town as well. SOmetimes we catch ourselves sprawled out on our office floor watching the online messages together, yet we miss the fellowship and the worship. We are so excited about implementing what we have learned this past weekend and last year and look forward to going to this conference each year to keep us on track. Yesterday, on my run, I could not help my pray the entire time for Ryan. I am so thankful for our marriage and every part of our life! God is good!

Here is sweet Ryan last year at IGNITE 2010:

I had to get a simliar picture this year too at IGNITE 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great Week...

This has been a really great week...Here are the top 10 reasons why:
10. My sweet brother is a 1st time car owner! I am so proud of him. He has really made some smart, mature decisions lately and I am so proud to call him my brother!
9. My mom is SO pumped I am following in her footsteps to play league tennis like her. She sent a package of a tennis luggage tag, tennis cup, tennis outfit (SO cute!), tennis socks, and of course big cute earrings that she insists you wear when you play tennis, so you are sporty, yet still fashionable :)
8. I ran 4.1 miles on Monday. I am going to try to tackle 5 today. Our 10k is in 9 days. I bought new inserts for my shoes and my goal is to just FINISH!
7.Today is my sweet grandmother's 89th birthday, even though she looks 65. She is so dang cute! My class sang happy birthday to her on the phone, I was scared she might have a heart attack, but she loved it. If you are in my family and have a birthday during the school year, it's tradition.
6.My birthday was on Tuesday and I have never been so happy and content with my life. My hubby, family, Huntsville friends, B'ham friends, students, classroom parents, etc. all made it perfect! Ryan and I celebrated by starting off the day with breakfast and finishing with Ruth Chris...He knows my heart...FOOD!
5. Speaking of food, I have gained FOUR lbs. since I started weight watchers. It has been SO hard with this running because I have been so hungry! BUT the good news is I AM BACK ON IT!
4.I got to see Ryan's parents and sweet grandmother on Sunday. She is the one that just lost her hubby a few weeks ago. She was so sweet and brought me a sunflower cake and we had a wonderful lunch!
3. One of my best friends came to visit for the weekend and it was SO nice to have Sneale-Leeland time. My sweet Huntsville friends held a birthday brunch for me and it was so thoughtful and sweet!
2. Ryan gave me diamond earrings for my 27th birthday. Isn't he great? I am so excited for this gift, ONE becuase its my lucky number and I always play it on roulette, we have talked about upgrading them at certain milestones...its really cool to think that one day when we have kids, anniversaries and other celebrations that the life of these earrings will mean so much!
1. I am starting Pure Barre! I have 4 sessions waiting on me and I can't wait! My bff Jess looks AMAZING from it and hope I can too! :)

PS .these are in no particular order. :) Of course food comes before exercise and hubby comes before food ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's...

To my Valentine...

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Ryan's grandfather, Trees, went to be with the Lord Thursday. His funeral service is tomorrow. We have some wonderful family time these past few days celebrating his life and remembering some great memories! We will all truly miss him! He was such a Godly man and a BIG part of this family! I am so proud to be one of his family members...and we are so proud of him!