Friday, February 5, 2016

Roller Coaster Riding

Life has been nothing but a complete up and down for us for the past 6 months...from baby ear infections, Ryan switching companies, moving 4 states away, living out of grandparents houses, car problems, switching Mae's school, and many more positives AND negatives (too many to list). Here is our biggest update:

We are BACK under contract on our old house (the first contract fell through) and we plan to close March 4! Praise God!

And we are living in our NEW house! We are desperately anticipating the arrival of all of our furniture in Charlotte (Feb. 23rd ish) and can't wait to put all of this behind us! 

Thankful to all of my prayer warriors for getting us this far. Prayers for our house to close smoothly and on time, and for life to be EASY and SIMPLE again! 
(I can hear God laughing at me now)