Thursday, May 29, 2014

15 and gone!

Baby girl had her 15 month well check up yesterday, after an eventful Memorial Day weekend of 2 urgent care visits, the stomach bug, and an ear infection! She is on antibiotics and feeling better!

The doctor told me she was perfect, which of course I already knew, but glad to hear it on the medical end too!

Here are her stats...cant get the picture to rotate for some reason. Her head is HUGE. Like her mama's.

Have I mentioned we are OBSESSED with her pediatrician! She is amazing! My friend Maggie, from Auburn,  recommended her to me, she is her aunt! What a lucky niece! She is SO knowledgeable, experienced, and sweet to Mae!

Mae did not want the photo op after her shots. I don't blame her. 

So she got rewarded with a cookie from her BB. 

Thankful to my God for a healthy child, and a cute one at that! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014


This girl LOVES popcorn!

Enough said. 


Not a personal makeover for me, even though that would be nice, but this week I tackled a laundry room makeover. I actually got the idea from a fellow blogger, Lauren, and am obsessed with her blog. She did a laundry room makeover last week and it looks like it is a laundry room out of a magazine! I was so impressed, so I decided to be a copy cat! However, there are a couple of laundry room was WAY worse than our laundry room is double functioning as a pantry as well! She got adorable baskets, glass jars etc. and that is a long term goal of mine. Instead, I have the industrial size detergent, fabric softener, and some groceries, thanks to Costco. So, I will continue to dream that mine will look like hers one day.

So here is the SUPER embarrassing before:

What is sad is that my mom and I organized it when she was here last. I will admit it is hard to organize Costco size things, plus keep a pantry and laundry room tidy. Thank the good Lord for a door to close to this room. 

So, I got busy. I started throwing out, consolidating, and told Ryan we are not going to the grocery at all this week and I am making meals with what we have! So far so good! 

My first task was putting this guy together: 

When I was home last, I found this with a surfing sticker on it in my parent's garage. My mom found it at a yard sale and thought she could refurbish for her antique booth. Dad helped me take the surfing sticker off and load it in my car. Mom was so nice to 'donate' it to our home! :)

Ryan helped me cut real wood pieces for the chalkboard signs and I painted chalkboard paint on them. I love now having a place to put our mail, coupons, invites, etc. 

The next thing to tackle was Mae's massive amounts of bibs. I found two plastic wall hangers around the house and put those to use hidden around the corner of the door, along with brooms, mops etc. As hidden as I could get.  

I consolidated from two shelves down to one for our groceries. This made the biggest difference to get this second shelf out and gave so much more room. Plus helped us with some more storage in the garage. I realize this shelf is SUPER crowded still, but I know where everything is, and again, we are eating off of this shelf for the next week or two to help clear it off!

I then hung Mae and my lunch boxes. Yes, I have a lunch box, from my teaching never know when I may need that sucker again! And Mae's, how cute is it? I got Amy to monogram it for me and it is already for Mae when she starts school in Sept. at our church's mother's day out program. It is called "Wee School". How cute is that name?

I tackled the top of the washing machine by adding all of my 'necessities' in a basket my mom got for me when I was in Elementary School for my laundry...I love it! Oh, and yes, we still have an old school washing machine and dryer. It works, its paid for, and I love it. Hence the reason we dont have front loading, YET. 

I hung the ironing board with some recycled curtain hanging mounts. 

And there you have it! Ryan and I are loving the extra space! Maybe one day I can have nice baskets and clear jars that are magazine potential...maybe one day! 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Trash to Treasure

So I found this on the side of the road in my neighborhood:

After a quick convo with the previous owners who were throwing it out, to make sure it was ok, I was bringing it home!

I did a little trial test, to make sure Mae Mae approved. She did. 

I did a little sanding: 

Used a little of this: 

And made it my own! Actually, Mae's own, hence the pink!

Total cost $12! 

That beats the $75 price tag I saw at Home Goods for a smaller one and the one I found online for $120 plus shipping and tax! Love my $12 find! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Project 9 of 1,265

One of our many projects was completed yesterday! A new chalkboard wall in our kitchen! Ryan and I went to Lowe's, BABY FREE-it was life changing, thanks to our in-laws in town, and picked out some trim. It was pre-primed, but Ryan added another coat of white paint just to spruce it up!

Ryan measured the wall: 

He had a little mini-helper: 

And a few big helpers:

We used chalkboard paint directly on the wall. Ryan did the first coat, I did the 2nd and 3rd, and he added a quick 4th coat. 

And voila! It was a family affair! Loved all the help! 

Now a place for me to add my groceries!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

God made me a mom...

So thankful this little one made me a mom! Happy Mother's day to all the mom's especially my sweet mother and mother in law and to Mae's TWO great grandmothers!
 (My first and 2nd mothers day, side by side!)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


So this eye sore, was noticed the second I walked into our house for the first time while we were on our house hunt...before the words came out of my mouth, Ryan said..."That is an easy fix and can be replaced".

Thank the Lord he said that, because this beauty (the largest one) was just ordered! 

(pic, via Ballard Designs, I might need to cancel my catalog subscription...they keep sucking me back in!)

The only down fall to a new foyer chandelier, is hiring someone to hang it because of the super high just add a whopping $200 on top of any light fixture price you see....ugh! 

Can't wait to see the final product! Thank you, yet again, Ballard! You have some good designs if I do say so myself. ;)

Anyone want the brass chandelier? It's up for grabs before I stick it on craigslist...or in the trash can. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Phil said hey to me!

So we had a blast at the Wells Fargo Championship golf tournament. We ended up hitching Mae along for the ride and we are so glad she did. She was perfect, had so much fun, and made friends with everyone! We had to follow Phil Michelson, of course, I have always been a big fan, since I have to sit through so many Sundays with golf. Let's face it, golf on TV is the BEST time to take a nap. So, here is our trip documented:

As Phil, finished hole 3, we were in the walkway to the next hole. He seriously looked me in the eye and at Mae and said "hey guys!". I about died! Ryan was cracking up laughing at me. I was star struck. I just love that Phil is a family guy, all that he has been through with his wife's cancer, and of course because he is so good! 

Saturday night we had a fun night with Birmingham friends at a cookout, but somehow didnt take any pictures! Mae played with Avery, her new friend, and we enjoyed yummy kibobs and fun with friends!

This morning we ventured out with some neighbors to the local Strawberry Farm. We had a blast! Trip #2 documentation:

How cute are these girls: Isabeall, Mae, Kate, and Molly. Eleanor and Paige, not pictured because they were in their baby Bjorns!

Can you spy Mae???

We went on a hay ride, saw chickens, picked strawberries, played on their fun toys, and had fresh fruit slushies! Thankful for the LONG nap Mae is taking so I can blog! Happy Monday!