Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Home Tour: Family Room

I know most of you have already seen our family room...but since then, I have redecorated it AGAIN! I was not ever pleased with it because my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house was in this room but HIDDEN behind the couch and I could not bear for one more day for it to be hidden. So, again my trusty friend Terri, and I got to work and did some maneuvering...her words were, "we could move some furniture if you were not pregnant", my words were, "I love moving furniture pregnant!"

So here is what we came up with:

Starting when you enter from the foyer through french doors, we have this trusty chair. It looks so tiny in this picture, and yet it is not huge, it is not a small as it looks here. It is such a cute chair with nail heads that I snagged from my fav Home Goods. Ryan built the box table to the right, and I actually have it on it's side with a candle from my very first principal, Mrs. Hampton for my 30th birthday this year.

Here comes my favorite piece of furniture. Ryan built this baby, with criss cross sides and all! I am in love with it, and him. I originally thought it was too long for the wall with the windows, but even with it passing the windows, I think it is perfect just where it is now! Front and center for everyone, meaning me, to drool over.  

The lamp is from Home Goods, TV was Ryan's from his first house after college. The urn is a wedding present from a friend Elaine Johnson Tant with a real baby fern that I have somehow kept alive. Miracle, I tell you. The frame is my favorite frame in the entire house and guess what, it is a wedding present from a different Elaine Johnson! True story. The mini owl is from Hobby Lobby. I love it and it was $2. The antique books have been accumulated from garage sales, thrift stores, and Ryan's grandmother. Baskets of toys for the days I want to watch the Today Show and not play on the floor with my pregnant glory on the floor aching! Glass jar is from Pottery Barn filled with yarn and twine. 

I loved this little area my friend Webber created on another wall in the room, so I recreated it in front of this window. Lamp, matches the one in the playroom, and is from my wonderful mother in law last Christmas. (I picked them out!) Platter from C. Wonder (Tory Burch's ex, what was he thinking??) Glass urn is from good old Willow House and I placed a candle with moss for kicks. The table has a funny story behind it which I will not go into. Let's just say it was a hand me down from Ryan's dad who inherited from his mother. It was in rough shape and needed some love, so with Max's permission, I painted it and beat it up! I get many compliments on it and love that it opens to a dining table when we need more seating! OH and that is my model, Mae, she says hey!

This is the other corner to the left of the TV. The shutter is from Resurrect in Opelika, Alabama. Obsessed with that store. Gold starburst mirror from good ole Home Goods! Lamp is a match to the one on TV stand and box is a replica of the one Ryan built shown above. This chair is my favorite chair in the entire house. It was my parents and I have always loved it for it's worn look, even when they bought it brand new. It's broad shoulders and width make such a statement and its comfort is superb. This chair means so much to me because it was at my my parents lake house and they made a special trip to go get it for me when I moved into the first home I bought. While they were there, mom had a horrible accident falling down the stairs and seriously almost died on us. Without going through much detail, a weeks hospital stay and months of physical therapy she is alive and well and perfect! THANKFUL FOR A HEALTHY MOM, and a good looking chair!

This is the couch we purchased from Haverty's a month after we moved to Charlotte. I love that we all 3 can fit on it at what time. Miraculously, it has not been scotch guarded yet, and has been free of stains, but we need to do that ASAP! The rug is the Marchesa rug from Ballard Design...my new favorite obsession! In the back on the wall is one of my favorite wedding pictures of Ryan and I walking from our wedding to the boat to leave for our hotel...then Ryan fell in the water. OMG.

This little cutie was given to me by my mom. She says every living room needs a little person chair. Good thing we have a little person. It holds as a door holder for the other french door and below it is a brick from the original Sewell Hall in Auburn, AL. Ryan's company rebuilt the athletic dorms and we snagged some bricks and through on some name plates. 

So here it is in all it's glory. I love how it turned out and am finally pleased with it! Oh and that little end table is a cigar table that my mom's uncle made. The top opens for storage and I am obsessed. 

Before walking into this room, you are in the foyer at the front of our house. This awesome antique table was given to us from Ryan's gracious parents. The art is from Home Goods, Lantern from Home Goods, and plant is from our sweet friend Webber. Again shocking, it is still alive. 

I am enjoying showing our house to you and hope you are too! We are off to a little family vacay in an hour so more to come when we return! Happy Tuesday!


  1. OHMYGAHHHHH I found your blog!! Wahoo!!! Konie is out of town, otherwise she probably would have already commented. Love seeing your house! It's gawgeoussss! Love you, Late!!!

  2. Hi! I know this post is 2 years old but wondering if you still like your Ballard Designs Marchesa rug? I had read some reviews that said it was shedding like crazy after 3 months - others said it was great. I am wanting it for my kitchen so just curious on the feedback you have had on the rug to see if it holds up well to traffic or if I will have wool balls all the time and will constantly be vacuuming!! Thanks!!