Sunday, December 27, 2015

11 months

Out sweet angel baby is 11 months old! One more month and we hit the one year mark. Fast. Year. Of. My. Life. Hands down. Crazy. Here is what has been going on this past month, with our girl:

She has finally said MAMA! Music to my ears! She has also added 'woof, woof' and Nonna to her vocabulary.

She is loving standing and prefers to be standing at all times if on the floor. She lets go a few times for a few seconds but not for long periods of time. She pulls up on any and everything, all the time. She can go from sitting to standing up, and back down. She is starting to take steps with assistance, but I think we have at least another month or longer before we have an official walker.

She had her 2nd ear infection this month, which led to another dr. visit, which we have realized she has some sort of allergy. We are 75% sure its a milk allergy, and have eliminated all dairy, but have plans to see an allergist after the first of the year.

I have been working diligently to get her to drink out of a straw, for life out and about to be easier, and this past month she finally mastered it! Way to go, Maggie!''

When we ask her how big she is, she throws her hands up as high as she can reach and we all say, "SO BIG!" Melts my heart. She is so proud.

She earned her top two teeth this does not go with that new establishment.
We had a wonderful first Christmas with our girl and are in awe of all that God has given us from and through this little nugget!

More updates on life and our move coming soon!