Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Squeezing it all in...

I finally am getting my energy back and have hit the ground running. I have mowed the lawn for my first, and second, time ever. I feel like it is one thing I can do to help Ryan out since he is working so much and will give us more time with him when he is home. 

Mae and I have had many a playdates at the library, parks, splashpads, friends houses, and the pool. We are soaking up every ounce of summer. 

She loves the park and her freedom to run loose!

Applying her makeup:

Goes everywhere with her baby doll, practicing to be a big sister: 

Her first ponytail:

Last week, Mae and I made the trek to Birmingham. My in-laws graciously opened their doors to us (I changed my plans last minute) and we shacked it up at their house. I left bright and early Friday morning for another long car ride with my friend Rachel, from Montgomery. Leaving my girl: 

We headed to Savannah to surprise our lifelong friend Cortnee (she was my backdoor neighbor growing up in Florida). We had a blast in Savannah celebrating the birthday girl, eating yummy food, soaking up the sights, and have fun girl time. This mama loved having time to herself for once but missed her girl! So thankful for BB and Bup (Mae's name for Buck) who took such good care of my girl while I was gone. 

Sunday, we hiked it back to Birmingham, I was over the car by this point. 19 hours in a car for a pregnant girl was not my cup of tea to say the least. I packed up Mae from the inlaws and we headed to mom's surprise party that my dad and mom's besties threw for her. She was SHOCKED and broke into tears when Mae and I Came around the corner. Such a fun moment. 

We spent the rest of the week soaking up time with family, having a photoshoot for Mae, and running around Birmingham to meet friends. I swear I hit up every restaurant with a friend, or bombarded their house and marked my territory all over the city. It was fun, yet crazy and chaotic to squeeze it in. I know I missed some of you and will get you on the flip side this next go round (whenever that may be). Thanks to Amy for meeting us at Superior, Mrs. Hampton (my first principal) for meeting us at Ashley Mac's, Cortney for meeting me at Cocina, Natalie and Mindy for letting me sneak some time in at their house, Jessica for meeting me for a quick breakfast, Kelly for letting me invade your closet for maternity clothes...I was everywhere!

Sneak peak from the photoshoot my sweet in-laws got for Mae Mae: 

Mom and dad took Mae and I to their new Chucky Cheese, she was unsure at first, but ended up having a blast with her K-paw and Nonna:

We headed back to Charlotte Thursday to an anxious daddy and hubby. We had a low-key family weekend, plus a couples date night and babysitter to top it off. 

So glad to be back home and settled! 

We are off next week to Kiawah Island again for one last family beach trip before football season starts. Until then, I have decided I am going to do a 'home tour', if you will, for those that have asked to see our new abode. So stay tuned for the next few blog posts on different rooms in our house, plus details of projects we have accomplished! Planning on breaking out the old Nikon and lens to document a little better! Hope you like it! 

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