Monday, September 29, 2014


This year has been full of travels. We started off the year in California, LA to be exact, and I just got back last night from Charleston, SC to mark both sides of the coast. In between, we visited Kiawah Island, Birmingham, Atlanta, Huntsville, Ryan to Vegas, and then we head to Auburn this weekend for the LSU game. To finish our travels for this year, Ryan and I will be headed to Highlands, NC for our 5th, yes FIFTH omg, wedding anniversary. After that, no more traveling, hence the babe on the way. Thankful for friends coming at the end of this month, and family coming for the holidays so that this pregnant mama can stay put!

Charleston was a blast with my friends from Huntsville! From shopping, eating way too much, walking a ton, sight seeing, laughing, ghost tours, a catamaran water ride, and SLEEPING in, this mama had a great relaxing time!

Thankful for lifelong friends who we can pick up where we left off and pretend like we live closer! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Baby update

We have had lots going on with Mae starting school, daddy busy working, bible study, play dates, out of town visitors (my mom and later Ryan's mom), trying out Sunday School classes, a little redecorating around the house (as always), and to top it off, the stomach bug hit us all.We are now on the mend and things are looking up! Praise Jesus!

Mae is growing like a week and we are loving every second of watching her change and mold into a little girl. She is going to be the best big sister. Speaking of sister:

Maggie is growing lots! She is measuring around 11 inches and is the size of a spaghetti squash. She is just shy of a pound by now I think. (I get emails, but to be honest, this time around I give a quick glance and move on, I have a 1 year old to chase around)

I am horrible at baby bump pictures, so this all you get, first is 4 weeks, 2nd is 22 weeks:

I went to my 22 week check up yesterday. I did not gain any weight this past month, due to the dreaded stomach bug, but doctor said it is fine and I my belly is measuring right on track. Total I have gained 9 lbs. I have no clue how much I gained with Mae at this point...I should have kept up with that better...I am friends with my doctor and her nurse from Auburn on fb so might get the guts to see if they can email me my stats, ha! We shall see.

I have felt lots of movement lately and Ryan has felt Maggie as well. (sometimes he exaggerates saying he feels her, and it cracks me up, because I know she didnt move at that moment...I think its the anticipation he has!) Maggie moves the most when I am laying down, which is not very often. This was the same way with Mae. I could only really feel her when I would take a breather and actually concentrate on feeling anything. Of course as it got later, I felt her more and more throughout the day.

I am working out and loving having the gym to have some me time. I didn't work out at all with Mae, so proud of still hanging in there this go around. I am still smaller than when I first found out I was pregnant with Mae, but I know I will be passing that soon! People in the workout classes are finally starting to realize I am pregnant instead of just getting fat! yay!

Maggie's nursery is ready. That is the good part of having another girl. Her clothes are washed and hanging up and I even saved a few things of Mae's that were brand new that I kept waiting for the perfect moment for her to wear them and then never did, so Maggie has a few cute outfits that are not hand-me-downs.

Mae is still in the crib but her big girl room is ready when I feel like the time is right! We shall see! No earlier than December that is for sure!

I went ahead and ordered another monitor camera and a sound machine. Other than diapers and a double jogging stroller, we are good to go! My sweet Charlotte friends are throwing a much needed diaper shower since I will have 2 in diapers at one time! Praise the Lord! and SUPER sweet of them!

So things around here are wonderful! Ryan is currently out of town and I am thankful for Mae's school days and bible study to keep me hanging in there! The days are long when he is gone! Looking forward to a girls trip with my Huntsville friends on Thursday for a long weekend in Charleston, SC. Then the next week we head to Auburn for the LSU game! So excited to see friends, it has been too long! War eagle!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


So it is official. I have a student living in my house. My very own student for me, the old teacher. I can not believe it. I know she is still a baby but so thankful for Mae's new weeschool to help her socialize, learn to respect and listen to other adults, follow rules, have fun, and most importantly learn about Jesus! She had a great first day and we are both looking forward to her day tomorrow! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

It's a....

GIRL! Margaret Ryan Harbuck, "Maggie" will be here the end of JANUARY! She is very healthy, has all of her organs and body parts and is measuring a week ahead! I make big babies! We are so excited to add another girl to our family! I have come from a family of only BOYS out of all of my cousins on both sides, so it is super fun to have girls! I NEVER thought I would be a girl mom, and ALWAYS JUST KNEW I would have a boy at some point! But God laughed at my plan, and I am humbled by his! Ryan and I have always said we will have 2 kids, and unless some God throws us a curveball at some point...we are done! Love our new little family of 4!

Mom and I spent all weekend sorting through all, and I mean ALL, of Mae's baby clothes and man God sure knows what he is doing! I need NOTHING clothes wise for this baby! We are SET! Mom and I also went ahead and put Mae's big girl room together and Maggie's nursery together, minus Mae moving from crib to bed. We are going to do that in December some time.
(sorry for bad quality, dark pictures...blame it on the phone)

(The plates are being replaced with some antique pink ones mom got as a wedding present)

We have out own little Maggie and we have a t-shirt! We bought this the beginning of April before we were pregnant, knowing it might happen!

Now I am on the hunt for a double BOB stroller, diapers for 2 babies (Lord help me), and some cute matching outfits! Ryan already asked for me to get him a tea party set, since he foresees lots in his near future! ;)