Sunday, August 10, 2014

Home Tour: Guest Bedroom #1

We have returned from our wonderful family vacay, and I am back at it with our home tour! I can not go out of town without making sure my house looks decent, so I thought I would snap some pics soon before it gets torn up fast by our little munchkin!

This guest room is special to me for many reasons. The main reason is for the people who stay here and enjoy and friends! We love having guests and want them to feel cozy and welcome! I laugh because every bed in my house (there are 5 total) have white linens. I am a sucker for the crisp, clean look with pops of color.

The bedroom furniture in here is a set I inherited from my great-grandmother whom I never met on my dad's side of the family. I use this little vanity as my sewing table for now. soon it will be a changing table for the new little bambino. Most of the thread was inherited from my grandmother and Ryan's great aunt. I love the real wooden spool's it leaves behind. Our wedding album and a book my besties gave me on my wedding day sits on this vanity as well. Mae loves to come in here and stand on the stool and play with the thread. Sometimes I let her if I need a minute to blow dry my of the year award, I know. 

I love this little door hanger cross given to me while I taught in Huntsville by a sweet student Sam. It reminds me of my love for little ones, teaching, Huntsville, and his sweet family the Servick's. 

This little sitting area I had recovered with some fun fabric I picked up at Hobby Lobby while we lived in Auburn. The lamp is from Ryan's grandmother's store, The Holly Tree, and the shade is new. The blanket my mother in law gave me after I swooned over it at her house once!

This dresser is really neat in that it opens in the middle and makes a fun little secretary/desk. Right now it stores our 1,000 t-shirts that Ryan will not let me get rid of. He never wears them but they include High school, college, fraternity, etc. shirts. One battle I will not win. The lamp I found at TJ Maxx, the cross is from my FAB room mom who I adore from Huntsville. We are still great friends and text and talk often! I adore their family as well! She painted that and several other pieces in our house. The shabby chic frame I found at one of my favorite stores in Auburn, Moxii on clearance. The blue vase/urn was a Willow House favorite. 

This adorable antique desk was my mom's when she was little from an old school house. Her name is even carved in it. I love everything about it. Mainly that it was my mom's, but also that it symbolizes my love for teaching. The frame was a Target find and has a pic of Ryan's brother and his wife in it. They have never stayed at our house, but the picture is there in hopes one day they might! Above this desk on the wall is a gift from my mother. Our wedding was showcased in a local newspaper and mom had it framed. I love how it captures our special day and often find myself re-reading it often. 

The bed is a full with my comforter from college in surprisingly good condition. I love the shabby-chic look. The pillows were scored at a local fabric store that was going out of business on clearance!

This little picture holder was a find at "Resurrect" in Opelika. I love changing out the pictures to new guests that come to visit! Lately it has been lots and lots of family, since we are further away than we are used to! Waiting to see who our true friends are, kidding, kind of. ;)

Overall I am somewhat pleased with this room, minus that it needs curtains and one day plantation shutters. However, it is about to change drastically. It will soon become a nursery. Somehow and in someway I need to squeeze in a crib and keep all the furniture in there...ha! Yeah right...but I might could pull it off! For now, this is how it sits!

Up next, Mae's nursery tour and our trip to Kiawah! Have a great week!

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