Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Perfect weekend, to an unpleasant ending...

So the weekend could not have been anymore fun and gone any better! Ryan and I had a great weekend spending some quality time together NOT in Huntsville! Friday started with us driving to B'ham and we met Ryan's parents for dinner at our favorite bbq place, the one and only, Jim N' Nicks! Yum! The Harbucks are such wonderful inlaws to have and we enjoyed our time with them as always! They are the most giving and loving in-laws I could ask for! So, minus the traffic, we headed to to the Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, and Justin Moore concert . Remember traffic??? Well, becuase of it, we missed Justin Moore :(. We were actually looking forward to both opening acts because we love their music, but oh well! The concert was amazing and we had such a great time!

The night started off with me wearing my new shoes from the cute boutique I work at! They were half off! Come visit us for cute clothing and shoes!
The one and only Brad Paisley! My 4th time to see him!

Then Saturday morning, we headed off to the marriage retreat called "Ignite"at Church of the Highlands. t was so excited it about for many reasons. 1) What a great way to start off our marriage 2) It was GREAT quality time with Ryan 3) it was HILARIOUS and kept our attention the entire time 4)The food was amazing, ha! Tazikis, Chick-fil-a, Olexa's, etc. YUM! and 5) God will continue to be the focus of our marriage. We are already looking forward to going to the one next year! 1st week in February 2011!

Ryan and I both really, really enjoyed it and I am so glad we went! There are too many reasons why we loved it....Ted Cunningham and Gary Smalley are WONDERFUL speakers, anytime you get a chance to see or hear them, GO! It is so worth it! They have great books out too!

Here is cute Ryan at the conference, showing off the notebook we got! :)

After the concert, we got to go spend some time with my sweet dad who I miss so much every day! (Mom was out of town with her mom and sister on a cruise, no fair) From there we went to a fun dinner with my new in-laws, Ryan's brother Garrett and his wife, Martha at Mafiotsa's (sp?) in Crestline Village. Alan (Garrett's best friend of high school) and his new wife, Bevin, came too! We had a great time eating yummy food, conversing, laughing, and listening to the great band! Thanks Harbucks for surprising us and paying for our food! Sad, I don't have a picture from that night....next time!

So I know you are thinking, what was bad about this weekend?? Well Sunday rolled around and I felt awful!!!! Body aches, head hurting, throat hurting, nausea, EVERYTHING you name it, I had it! Needless to say, yesterday I went the doctor got 2 shots in my hip, 6 prescriptions, and a 3 hour wait, and now I am good to go! NO FLU, Thank the LORD!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big Decision!

Wow, this past weekend was very fun yet very stressful! I went to Birmingham, while Ryan hunted with co-workers, to see sweet Ann Reese, one of my best friend's new baby. It was so fun to get to hang out with Amy and get some quality time with the baby!

I also went to Miss Olympian to see Anna Grace Barlow compete in Miss Olympian (she sang in my wedding) She did WONDERFUL and I am so happy and proud of her! Then Sunday I got to go to see Buddy Holly with the Barlow Family. They are so good to me and I loved getting some time with them! This is Aliza Kate while we were waiting on the pageant..she had come from a dance competition with lots of makeup! She is a mess! LOVE her!

So I know you are thinking, wow that sounds like fun, what was the big decision!!?? Well LONG story short, I got a job offer Sunday. Just some background info: I am currently substitute teaching in Huntsville, working at a clothing boutique, starting a maternity leave in March until May in 3rd grade at a local school, and babysitting. I am staying very busy...So with that said, when I got offered the job, I was COMPLETELY stressed...I really want a full time commitment. I feel like it would help keep my life a little more structured and help not feel like I am going 90 to nothing each day. BUT, on the other hand I LOVE making my own schedule and I really am enjoying the boutique, its fun and stress free! Plus I really didnt want to back out of the commitments I had already made...So with LOTS of prayer I was still 50-50. I had a list of pros and cons for both...I decided to trust my wonderful husband's instinct and I turned the offer down. I know you are thinking I am crazy, but it just didnt feel right and I am relieved now that I have turned it down! I am praying that God will open other doors with these other opportunities I have...we shall see!
So even though my job is up in the air, I have to brag on Ryan! He is doing a great job with his job as assistant project manager for Harbert. He loves what he is doing and loves the people he works with! I love their wives, too! Ryan got a Christmas bonus and a slight raise as well! I am so proud of him! We cooked out steaks to celebrate! Dad always says, celebrate the big things AND the little things!