Tuesday, June 25, 2013

4 months today!

Time is flying, and yes I know, everyone said it was going to, but gees! I blinked and here we are! Today, June 25, marks Mae's 4 month birthday! Happy Birthday Mae Mae! Mom came in town to take her to the dr. with me. She weighs 14 lb. and 6 oz. The dr. said that she is tall, so her weight is evening her out, ha! She is 25 inches long! 16 inch head circumference. Big head like her mommy AND daddy!

Here are this months momentos: 
-As soon as you hit 3 months you were sleeping 7-5 each night, sometimes you would sneak in 7-6. Just a few days ago you slept 7-7 for THREE nights in a row! Hoping that trend keeps happening! now if daddy could just stop snoring, mommy can finally get a good nights sleep!
-You do not really care for your paci anymore, except on rare occasions. You have found your 2 fingers (pointer and middle) and love sucking on those. 

-June 5th you found your thumb for the first time and starting sucking away! You have done it a few times since then, but still love those 2 fingers the best!
-You have been holding your head up so well since you were just a few weeks old, but you are now holding yourself up during tummy time and pushing up on your hands and arms. We can get some of the cutest pictures this way!

-While we were at the beach right after your 3 months appt. you rolled over for the first time at mommy's best friends, the Grote's. You actually rolled over in Ann Reese's room which will forever be a memorable moment for mommy for many reasons!
-You LOVE going on walks and we just started letting you sit up like a big girl in the stroller part rather than your bucket seat. 

-On June 9th, Granna and K. Paw had their 32nd anniversary but came to celebrate your dedication. It was such a special day for us. We were emotional and thankful to give you back to the Lord. We loved having your grandparents and uncles here to join in on the occasion. Church of the Highlands Auburn made it a perfect celebration and we enjoyed lunch back at our house afterwards. 
-Your eyes are still a pretty deep blue, however sometimes they are starting to have a green tint. 
-You stick your tongue out like mama did when she was a baby! 
-Everyone still immediately thinks you look like daddy because of your dark hair. Mommy and daddy think you are a perfect mix of us both. You have mommys eyes, and daddys hair. You have a birth mark on your left leg in the exact spot daddy does on his right leg!
-You still have lots of hair and have a bow in every day! You are starting to lose a little bit in the back, but so far have most of it in tact! 
-You squinch up your toes 99% of the day. You have them so tight that mommy can barely move them! 
-You love your play mat and toys. You are starting to grab at things and put them in your mouth. You have just started in the past few days holding up your torso a little more. You have made a tripod with your body trying to sit up but are not sitting up all the way yet. 
-You wear 3-6 month clothing and we just moved your diaper up to a size 2 this week. 
-We go to the pool almost every weekend and you love it! You have lots of bathing suits now thanks to BB! 

We love you K. Mae! We cant imagine life without you! God is so good and we cant wait until you learn to know him more and to learn of all His wonderful glory! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fathers Day 2013

We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend celebrating this guy,
 because of this girl:
She made him a daddy! And he is one heck of a daddy at that!

 Of course I cant help but think of my sweet daddy and how much he means to me! We have had a tough year from him losing his mother, losing our family dog, getting diagnosed with cancer, and even more unspoken...but daddy says " no we havent, we had Mae, and that makes it perfect!" I love my daddy and his new roll as " K. Paw" for his K. Mae :)
Dad had a great time with Mae as we chilled at home some while Ryan golfed with his high school friends. 
 Ryan enjoyed time with is girl:
 He enjoyed time with HIS dad:
and Mae enjoyed pool time with Buck:
 We celebrated Ann Reese!
 We gave gifts and had a pool/cookout!
 Mae got to swim in her BB and Buck's pool for the first time!

 We visited our favorite family the Barlows...Alize Kate on the left was our flower girl almost 4 years ago!

and went to see Nat and Kate! 

We had a great weekend with family and friends. Truly Blessed! Next up! 4 month dr. visit and MOVING! July 12th to Montgomery! Shoot me!