Sunday, August 14, 2011

1st to 5th

I have grown up this summer, from 1st grade to 5th. This week was the first week of school and it went great! I have prayed for these sweet 10-12 year olds all summer and am so excited to impact their lives educationally and hopefully in other ways as well. Here are SOME of them.

I have a homeroom of 26, but 80 total 5th graders that I teach 5th grade math to. I am so blessed to be at such a great school system, great school, and great faculty. I met about 8 other co-workers Friday at Laredo's (Mexican spot) after work. It is fun getting to know them and I look forward to a great year!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I found this little beauty on the side of the road that someone was throwing away,
so I got it for free.
I knew it had potential! So, I picked it up, attached a mirror,
and viola!

Here is something similar at Pottery Barn for $399 plus shipping and tax.
Mine cost $16 TOTAL!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Ryan and I were honored when his brother, Garrett, asked us to come visit him at his church again. Garrett is the youth minister at Lakeview Methodist is Pelham. If you are looking for a church in that area, I hope you visit them! Garrett has done an amazing job with their youth and was asked to speak the sermon on Sunday as well as lead worship. He did a wonderful job and Ryan and I could not be more proud to call him family! We are proud of you Garrett, the man, husband, and dad you have become! Thank you for bringing us Martha, Grace, and of course, this little one:
We love you!