Monday, August 25, 2014

Home Tour: Kitchen

I have slowly been adding our kitchen updates on here as we have gone along. We are now finished (I say that with my fingers crossed, lying a bit). We eventually will add hardwoods in here, to match the rest of the downstairs hardwoods and will replace the ceramic sink with a drop-in, stainless one.

List of upgrades we (Ryan) has completed:
-added molding to the top of the cabinets
-took out 3 cabinets and added open shelving
-added a subway tile backsplash
-new stainless appliances
-new electrical outlets (were cream, now white)
-added a chalkboard wall with framing
-added bead-board to the ends of our cabinets
-painted the kitchen table from a aqua to a neutral white

I am so thankful Ryan was able to do all of this work on his own, and willing to do it after long days of work at the office and using his weekends to complete these upgrades! Thankful is an understatement. Beyond appreciative. He never complains and works so hard, actually seeming to enjoy it. I am so proud of him.

I have tried to budget in my head how much it would have cost to have this work done. I would GUESStimate somewhere in the 3-4000 range. Thankfully I think we have spent less than 1000 (not including new appliances) So thankful to save some money, but also have the look that I want, for less!

We have a list of contractors coming to our house tomorrow to give us estimates and quotes for totally gutting our bathroom. I am more than excited and cant wait to get the ball rolling. It was one of the things we said we would do immediately when we moved in, but smaller projects have just gotten in the way! Stay tuned for a before and after on that one! Plus, more of the home tour!

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