Sunday, August 25, 2013

6 months!

We can not believe it has really been half a year! Time has flown even faster each day! We are loving every minute with our baby girl! So much has happened this month in her day to day changes! We go to her 6 month appt. tomorrow:
-We have started cereal and baby food! We started cereal a week or so after her five month birthday. Then, August 10 (5.5 months) slowly started adding in the baby food. We did homemade squash first. I have made some homemade organic baby food, but to be honest she LOVES the pre-made, packaged stuff better! Trying to keep up with the homemade baby food, but of course want our baby well nourished so it might be short lived!
-She is still in size 2 diapers and mommy weighed her on our home scale and seems to be around 16.5 lbs. or so. Wearing 6 month clothes and some 3-6 months. 
-Baby girl got her first teeth! August 5th her bottom left and August 9th her bottom right! 
-We love how Mae rubs her feet together. For once, she has something like her mama! Ha! (kidding, but everyone talks about how she is such a daddy look alike so I can take what I can get! I mean I carried her in my belly for 9 months! ha!) I always rub my feet together when I am relaxing or about to go to sleep!
-Mae LOVES her belly now! She rolls back and forth from front to back and even likes sleeping on her belly! She HATED it when she was younger!
-She is putting EVERYthing in her mouth! We think some more teeth might make an appearance soon!
-When she smiles she scrunches up her nose and its the cutest thing we have ever seen!
-When I say 'mama' she thinks its the funniest thing on the planet. When we say 'dada' she just stares, ha!
-She has started to bend her neck all the way back to see whats behind her or who is talking. 
-She has started laughing outloud, more than just a small giggle, and she loves to 'hum'.
-August 18th, We went to church and when we picked her up from the nursery (of course I cried when I left her, seriously, when is that going to stop??) and when we picked her up she smiled so big and reached for me over the gate! It was my most proud mommy moment! MELT my heart!
-Mae had her first night away from mommy August 21-25. Mommy and daddy had a little date/vacation mommy/daddy getaway to Kiawah Island in South Carolina. BB and Buck took care of her the first 2 nights, and Granna and K. Paw the 2nd two nights! She was spoiled rotten when we got back today, and told us she loved every minute of it with both grandparents! We are so thankful they were able to keep her at our house so Mae was in her same environment. It was so nice to have some time away, but mommy cried a little each day missing her BFF. It was so fun coming home to her! Could not get out of the car fast enough!
-When you are holding her, she will play with the bottom of the hair near your neck. She doesnt usually pull it, and it feels good! Its so sweet! Now, if my hair is in a pony tail and some has fallen in my face, she will pull that as fast as she can and it hurts! I think she likes my reaction better!
-Daddy and I love after we feed her the snuggles she gives. She is the most calm and relaxed and is the best snuggler. Daddy has started a routine of being the one to get you up in the morning and he feeds you while he lets mama sleep a little more. Then she comes to get you when he leaves and we start our day. We are so thankful for daddy and the role he plays. He is SUCH a good daddy!

We stopped breastfeeding at 5.5 months. (Not by mama's choice) I am SO bummed about it. Slowly around our move from Auburn to Montgomery, my milk supply started to decrease. I tried Fenugreek, tons of water, eating more, etc. and nothing helped. I wanted to nurse until 6-9 months, but am thankful for the time I did have! 
-Happy 6 months, baby girl! We love you to the moon and back!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mommy and Daddy Trip

Ryan and I are off tomorrow to our first mommy/daddy getaway! I have been emotional about leaving Mae since we booked the trip, but I know it will be good for her and me! BB and Buck are coming to watch her half of the time and Granna and K. Paw are coming the other half. I am so excited to have some QT with my hubs! Kiawah Island here we come!

Cant wait to put my toes in the sand! Cold drink in my hand! 
Praying now for leaving my sweet K. Mae!