Tuesday, May 31, 2016

White Trash Bash

Some high school friends of ours, had the BEST party. It was so fun to get back together with old friends and meet new ones. They had an awesome guy come in for acoustic music on his guitar, hilarious decorations, and a complete spread to feed the redneck folk:  hot dogs, chips, potato salad, beans, etc.

We had a blast and went ALL IN with our costumes...way out of my comfort zone!

Thanks Barham's for having us! And thanks BB and BUP for watching the girls...Great night! 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Fishin' Fools!

My dad and Ryan have been dying for Mae to catch a fish. We bought her a pole last summer since we had a lake in our neighborhood, but honestly it became just another fun toy to play with and she was too little to understand the fishing aspect as a 2 year old.

So we have taken her to our new neighborhood lake a few times with no luck, and little patience. My dad is a member of a fishing club on Lake Purdy and him and Ryan took Mae this morning.

I have to say I am so proud of her, touching a worm and all. I grew up fishing with my daddy and I never could nor would touch one of those nasty creatures.

So cool to see my dad and hubby enjoying new memories with my biggest girl. So sweet in so many ways.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Decorating Doll

A few weeks ago, I was asked to help a friend in Charlotte< NC decorate her husband's corporate apartment here in Birmingham. It was such a random request, that turned into something so fun and a change in pace from my everyday 'stay at home mom' scenery. I so enjoyed every aspect of it. Not only working with Dawn (we grew to be great friends through the MILLION texts and emails sent daily) but also, to be able to transform a complete BLANK slate into something cozy, homey, and stylish for her husband to have an escape when he comes home from work during the week.

She called me her "Decorating Doll". 

Our goal together, was to keep it simple and masculine and have it ready for him to walk into with it completely ready for him to live. I purchased things from silverware and toilet paper, to a TV, couch, and every little thing that crossed the front door into this place. Mae and Maggie even got to help *aka destroy* a little. My sweet mom joined me one day and mother-in-law took on the babysitting role several times as well. It was a joint effort!

Here are some before pictures:

After putting on my personal shopper/interior designer hat, this is what I came up with:


I thought it was important to add a little "Birmingham Flare" to this Carolina resident's new place. 

My final touch, was a basket of his favorite goodies. 

It is amazing how much I truly enjoyed this task at hand. I have always secretly wanted to be a professional organizer, and have been asked by several to help "make their house a home". My mom has me nailed down on a few of her listings in the real estate market to help spruce up their place to get it 'market ready'. 

Being a stay at home mom is living out my dream ever since I was a child, but throwing in the "Decorating Doll' title helps make life a little more interesting and fun!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Beach'n It

We took a quick last minute trip to Sea Grove with Ryan's sweet parents at the end of April. It was SO nice to put our toes in the sand, swim in a heated pool, have a beautiful house to enjoy, and also have an extra set of hands with the girls, as always! Their company is extra nice, too!

We headed down Thursday night and got dinner at one of the Seaside food trucks. The Harbuck's met us the next morning and we enjoyed a day in the sun and sand.

We enjoyed a YUMMY dinner, as always, at the Red Bar. I cant ever pass up the chicken and potatoes there...I always eat too much, but it was, OH, so worth it!

We enjoyed the next day out in the sand and sun again. The girls had a blast!

That night, the Harbuck's took our babes to Seaside for dinner and fun and Daddy and Mommy got to go out on a date for our own little fun! We started off at George's in Alys Beach, then ventured to the Whiskey Bar on 30A for drinks. The atmosphere are both top notch and we had a grand time. Thanks BB and Bup for knowing how much we needed that!

We loaded the car down (in the works for another bigger car soon, we can PACK. IT. DOWN.) and the girls were fast asleep after a very efficient trip to wear them out! 

Thanks BB and Bup! We love you and appreciate all you do for us always!