Monday, December 28, 2009

Our children, for now...

Here are some pictures of our little boys, well BIG boys, Buck and Eli. Buck was Ryan's since he was in High School and I got Eli last April, but now they are both OURS. I love this sharing thing! They are so funny and really are best friends! We have so much fun with them!
Eli's favorite spot, on TOP of the dog house...

Eli as a puppy, the day we got engaged!

The dogs at the lake with us...Eli is much bigger now!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Come visit us!

I have enjoyed decorating our house so much since I have moved in! It is a WORK IN PROGRESS FOR SURE, but this is what we have so far! Come visit us anytime! I think Ryan notices something different that I have done to the house everyday and then reminds me I need a job :)

Part of the Kitchen

Guest Bathroom

Office, 3rd bedroom

Other side of office

Guest Bedroom, come visit us!


Living Room

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom

I do, You do, We did! We are married!

I am so excited about starting this blog and hope to keep people updated on our lives and what is going on in the ROCKET CITY! I can hear it now, Ryan will walk in from work today and say "Does anyone care THAT much about our lives to look at a blog" :) I figure now that we live in Huntsville, it will be an easy way for people to stay updated on our lives!

Yesterday, we have been married for 1 month! It has been the best month of our lives! We finally are in the same city and same house! My favorite part of being married is cooking for Ryan! I feel like my goal right now is to make him as happy as I can be by making his life as easy as it can be! I am so thankful for this time he has given me off of work, so now I can give back to him by cooking, cleaning, laundry, dry cleaners, banking, etc. I hope he doesnt get used to this...once I get a job, the change will be drastic, I am sure! :) God is truly amazing and knows what he is doing! The past 7 years were worth the wait! Stay tuned for house pictures...soon to come!