Thursday, May 30, 2013

3 months!

Happy 3 Month's Mae Mae! Time has FLOWN by but we also feel like we have had you forever! Here are some things we are loving about you this month:
-You are starting to be a big girl and hold your bottle. It is hit or miss, but I have to say I am impressed at this early age! Genius.
-Daddy went with us to the doctor this time since you had to get so many shots. You did great. You weighed 11 lb 10 oz at 2 1/2 months and were in the 50th percentile. You were 23 inches long and 15 inch head circumference!
-Daddy has started dream feeding you at night before we go to bed to help you sleep better. It is helping. You are sleeping from 7-3 or 4 each night. Which is a good 8-9 hours! Wahoo! Sometimes you wake up for your paci. and we are going to have to put an end to that soon! I am ready for 7-7! Mommy is still so tired!
-You sweat like your daddy, especially in your car seat!
-You love your hands and play with them all the time. You have started grabbing at things, but your favorite is mommy or daddy's face. Daddy's is more fun because he has the scruffly beard.
-You are talking up a storm! You have the cutest little personality and I cant wait to see what kind of personality you have as you grow! You will smile at a stranger and love to smile all the time! When we were at the beach this weekend you let out a little chuckle and it was the best thing I have ever heard!
-Speaking of the beach: you put your toes in the sand for the first time, LOVED the pool water and your float (so relaxed!) and you ROLLED OVER for the first time! What a big girl!

-Another way to make you smile is to let you stand up. Even though you are only 3 months you hold your head up great and are very sturdy on your feet!
-If mommy or daddy blow in your face you LOVE it! You might be laughing at our bad breath, but hey, we will take it! Any way to make our girl smile!
-Every time you eat with mommy or daddy you cross your feet. You are such a lady already. At night when daddy feeds you a bottle you hold his finger! He melts every time and loves to show mommy.
-A few times mommy or daddy will cough or sneeze and it has startled you so much you get upset. It breaks our heart, but is so cute!
-Mommy started pumping your bottles more and you take a bottle like a champ and so quickly! You still nurse more often.
-You LOVE books and to be read to! Since mommy is a teacher she is SO glad! The very hungry caterpillar is your favorite right now!
-We have a million nicknames for you: Mae Mae, K. Mae, Mae girl, Mae Monster, Munchkin, Lovey, Buggy, punkin, and more! Thankfully you answer to all of them :)

We love you Mae girl! We don't want you to grow up, but look forward to many more memories!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Married to Me

Recently my bible study group did a study on "What's it like to be married to me?"
I didn't get a chance to participate because it was when I was 9 months pregnant, preparing for my maternity leave, and then having our sweet Mae join our family! I wish so much I could have joined in on this and plan to get the book asap. I have not even laid hands on the book and it is already speaking to me in a major way. It makes me really take a step back and think what it would REALLY be like to be married to me? Ryan exemplifies the spouse I want to be. He is always putting me first, he waits on me, he prays with me, he leads our marriage, he makes me laugh, he is always positive, he leads our devotions, he is always in a good mood, rarely stressed, never complains, always up for a good time, pleasing me is a priority, always keeps me informed, works his cute butt off at work, communicates extremely well... I mean I could go on and on. I know being a husband and being a wife have completely different roles, but wow, what a great way to think about it if I were married to myself. The bible is such a great outline of how our marriage should be and I need to constantly reevaluate what it REALLY would be like to be married to me? Something to think about!

Good thing is, Ryan doesn't need to worry about what it is like to be married to this guy more than life and so happy he has made marriage my most prized possession!