Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful list...

So, everyone keeps posting what they are thankful for on facebook and I realized it too late, SO for the month of November, I want to list my top 5 thankful list! So much to be thankful for at this stage in my life...however these are ones that are a constant reminder daily.

1. I am thankful for Jesus. Not only does He get me

through the day, but also comforts me in anxious times, which I have had a LOT of lately.
I am also thankful for my new bible study group and the girls that I have met through it. I am thankful for the new churches we are trying in Auburn. We love COH, but feel led to see what else is out there.

2. The most amazing, comforting, caring, funny, cute, helpful husband I could ever ask for. I hate to admit that before we were married I never thought it could be this wonderful. He has made my life better than I could ever have imagine. I love doing 'life' with him. in 11 days it will be 2 years. CRAZY!

3. I am thankful for my family. My parents have shown such a great illustration of a great marriage for Ryan and I. I am a daddy's girl and my mom is
my best friend. I could not ask for more.I am thankful for my brother, Travis. We go in spurts where we are close and when we are not. He helps keep me grounded and he has come SUCH a long way in his life that I am such a proud sister and I am honored to call him my brother!

4. I am thankful for my inlaws. I had the luxury of knowing them VERY well b
efore we got married due to our marathon dating plan, and I am so thankful for the role they play in my life.
They are the m
ost generous, thoughtful people. I honestly look forward to spending time with th
em, always. I am also thankful for my brother and sister in law and they gave us an adorable neice and nephew on the way!

5 I am thankful for our friends. It is crazy how friends come and go, change, and get st
ronger. God has blessed me with strong, lasting friendships. I miss those that we have strayed away, but am blessed beyond belief for those that are always there for me, KNOW me, and love me anyway. Lately I realize how Ryans friends and their wives are such a blessing to us and we have loved enjoying life with them and look forward to many more fun times ahead.

Thank God for my many blessings!