Friday, December 19, 2014


This past week Ryan had his company Christmas party as well as a meeting in Birmingham. I am too far along to travel and I have been having a ton of contractions, so my doctor suggested I stay home. Ryan offered to take Mae to give me a much needed few days to rest and put my feet up. I immediately jumped on it because I knew it was best for me and baby Maggie, but as the days got closer, I became very anxious and distraught that they were both leaving me! After a lot of prayer, I said good bye to my two loves! 

Mae's first airplane ride. She did great! She was spoiled by Ryan's parents, his grandmother, brother and his family, and his Aunt Linda. She had a blast and my dad even snuck in a visit! (Mom was at the Church of the Highlands LIFE retreat)

I took advantage of the time and got my nails done, shopped, ate out with friends, slept in, took naps, and did a little pampering: 

On Saturday morning, my sweet friends Terri, Webber, and Emily threw me a "Sprinkle" to shower sweet Maggie. It was so nice and I stocked UP on diapers! I am so thankful since we will have TWO in diapers for a bit! 

I am so incredibly thankful for the new friends that we have met since moving here! I love our group of moms in our playgroup, love that my cousins are in town, our fabulous Realtor, and even old and new friends from Auburn that live here! It was so fun to get together for a yummy brunch!

Last minute, we decided Mae was not ready for a big girl bed, and I realized that I needed her to continue to be a great sleeper while we welcome a newborn into our family. So we borrowed a crib from a sweet friend. Mae helped daddy put it together!

We are giving extra snuggles and TLC to this sweet cuddle monkey. Her life is about to change drastically! I think she is going to love her new baby sister!

Maggie update: 
Maggie is moving like a wild woman! WAY more than Mae ever did, that I can remember! I hope she is getting all of her energy out now and will be calm, cool, and collected when she comes in this world! 

I have gained 25 lbs at this point. More than I had gained with Mae but not by much. I am still smaller this pregnancy than with Mae, so thankful for that. 

I LOVE sweets this pregnancy. Milkshakes, cookies, cake, candy, you name it. I am normally not a sweet person! Hope it goes away when the baby comes, because I need to lose this baby weight! 

I am 34.5 weeks as of now. I have had 2 days where I felt like Maggie was about to come. Thankfully, I have rested and put my feet up and she is staying put. As much as I am ready to meet her, I want her to keep cooking! I will be shocked if she doesnt come early. 

Hospital bags are packed, lets be honest, they have been packed. I am OCD I know. Maggie's room is ready. Big sister books have and continue to be read. Diaper pails are up and around the house for both girls. Pump parts and bottles are washed. We are READY!

Can't wait to meet our little nugget! I hope I can remember how to be a mom to a newborn! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bathroom completion!

It is with extreme excitement that I state the bathroom RENO is done, DONE! It was a long month and a half, supposed to be 2 weeks, but so well worth it! Mae fell in LOVE with the contractor Scott, and Ryan worked his fanny off doing some small things himself (paint, faucets, toilet install, caulking, etc.) and it is finally perfect and I am in LOVE with it!

Here is the list of all we had done:
-Tore out the soffit (boxed wall above the shower)
-tore down the 12 foot wall between the open door and shower wall.
-Demo'd tub, toilet, old shower, sinks, faucets, countertops, tile surround, blinds, and floor
-new toilet
-new tub
-new shoe mold
-new shower with niche
-new faucets
-new shower and tub fictures
-new tile surround for tub
-new marble countertops
-new undermount sinks
-new globes on light fixtures
-painted mirrors for a new look
-new hardware on cabinets
-painted cabinets with "Duck Blue" Annie Sloan chalk paint
-new tile floor
-new bamboo blinds
-re-painted all trim
-painted the ceiling and walls
-new glass doors for shower as well as expanded the shower space
-new towel racks and rings
-STILL NEED: open shelving Ryan will build behind toilet

Check it out:



The beginning of painting the cabinets. 

The blue made us nervous and we were not sure at first. The countertops were a nightmare I wont even go into. 

Mae LOVED Mr. Scott. He loved her too. He even brought her a lollipop and stuffed minnie mouse at the end of the project for being such a good girl!

This is my bedroom at one 

Before the doors and shower head were installed. 

Tile selection:


This is the only part not finished. Ryan is going to build open shelving like he did in our kitchen, we he gets a chance. Then it will be complete. 

So thankful for our new bathroom. Even though most people wont see it, Ryan and I can enjoy it since we use it daily! It has been such a breath of fresh air! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Surprise Surprise

I have rarely been HONESTLY surprised in my life, because I am sneaky and pry and can usually find things out on accident. But my bestie and hubby surprised me like NO OTHER this week! On Monday morning, Mae and I were in our PJ's, doing laundry, getting our house back together from vacation, having house guests, and being at home for the holidays. It was a day of getting our life back in order and being I was folding a load of laundry, the door bell rang. There stood Amy and my husband videoing us. She had flown here and surprised me for the week! It was such a shock and SO fun! 

We have not stopped since she got here! From shopping, eating, the girls playing harder than ever before, park play, walks, painted, and more! The most FUN surprise!

The trip could not have been more perfect and I am so thankful for a lifelong friend who would take the time to come see me 4 states away! Mae loves her Janey and I love my Amy! Best Friends Forever!