Sunday, September 10, 2017

Less is best...for me.

So....As you can tell I have taken a little hiatus from the blog world and I hate to admit, I kind of like it. I am really trying to focus on this such sweet, fun life we have and soak up each moment, but I am realizing sometimes we just cram in TOO much. So the simple life is the best life and I think I am going to either stop the blog altogether and be happy with what I have documented thus far, or just take a break for a bit longer and relish in soaking up each moment. See you on the flip side!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Jamaica 'Mon!

We just took a couples trip to Jamaica and had a blast! I will spare you the talent show I partook in and the 2nd place dance contest award I won, but here is our trip in pictures! :)

We went with our best friends from Charlotte and Auburn, love these couples and doing life with them!

So thankful for both sets of grandparents for taking such good care of our girls! Man were we ready to come back and see them!

Lemonade for Sale

I somehow got myself wrapped into hosting our first annual neighborhood yard sale in our neighborhood! We had a great turn out, had a food truck come, and over 40 families participated. It was so fun to do with the neighborhood. 

Mae and Maggie held their first ever lemonade stand. They made over $20 and we took some to church Sunday for Jesus, some to the bank, and then bought a barbie at the local antique shop. Trying to save, spend, and give at an early age is important to us!

So proud of my girls!

They used their own table, cash register, and made the lemonade all on their own. They could have used a little help in the organization department, but that didn't keep customers from shopping! Who wouldn't want a cold glass of lemonade from these cuties on a HOT summer day?

Weekend Parties

It seems that our weekend days are filled with Birthday parties. The girls are loving them all, even though we have had to say no to a few of them to have some quality family time.

We loved celebrating Nolan (playground party), McClain & Miller (facepaint and popsicles!), and Kate (pedicures) most recently! Eli and Audrey's are up next!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bucs for Life

Memorial Day Weekend consisted of a road trip to Mississippi with 2 other couples from high school for a lake weekend. We enjoyed dinner out, sleeping in, yummy food, boat rides, lake floating, cocktails, games, and lots of laughs!

We ended it with more high school friends with a cookout and movie in the yard night! 
(plus a neighborhood Memorial day party!)

So thankful for lifelong friendships that everyone continues to pour into. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

That's A Wrap

And just like that, Maggie's first year and Mae's 3rd year of MDO is over! I can not believe it! We had a great year! We loved our teachers, our school, our friends, and learning! I will cherish the HUGE box of art I have collected (will be framing some soon for the playroom) and the teacher in me is so proud to see my girls as "students".

First day and last week: 

Maggie's Wednesday Teachers: Mrs. Reeves and Mrs. Jessica

Mae's Wednesday's teachers: Mrs. Shannon and Mrs. Jodie

Maggie's Monday teachers: Mrs. Shelley and Mrs. Karen

Sadly, I didnt get a picture with Mae and her Monday teachers but they were amazing like the rest! LOVE our school! Thank you sweet teachers for investing in my girls, loving them, and teaching them so much!


And just like that, my baby is potty trained.

I waited until a weekend that we would be home for a few days, school was out, and my mom could help. I couldn't find one. So I backed out last minute sadly to a weekend with my hubby and some friends to go to Memphis for the Chainsmokers concert and the BBQ-fest. I sent Ryan with a college bestie, and enjoyed a girls weekend with my mom and girls.

Day 1:
We started off reading "The Potty Book", put on new big girl panties, discussed the process, and encouraged with Jelly Beans. She went immediately on the potty. She had way more successes than accidents on that first day. 12 to be exact and 3 accidents. She was so proud and so was I. I dreaded this, because with Mae I was on pins and needles. I think I was more calm this time, because it was not my first rodeo, and she nailed it. I can't get over her in her big girl panties.

Day 2:
No accidents. We skipped church just to follow the "3 day potty training rule". But by dinner time, she had done such a great job, and Mama was stir crazy, that we went out to eat. She went on the potty while we were gone and we celebrated with ice cream and the park. I am so proud of my girl!

Day 3:
Today. No accidents and we even ventured to Costco. She gets so mad when I make her wear a pull-up for nap time and bed time but she still has not conquered that. I think she will soon though, based on how well this is going! Yay Maggie GIRL! I will always remember the two potty songs we sing and how exciting this has been for you! AND ME! PROUD Mama HEN!