Friday, July 8, 2016

Road Trippin'

Me and my girl set off for a 9 day road trip leaving Bama, heading thru Georgia, South Carolina, and up to Charlotte, NC. We had some talks, laughs, songs, stops, sleeps, and fun on the way up!

We finally made it to see the York family. The girls and "Big" Jackson picked up right where they left off! They fed us a yummy dinner and the kids played their little hearts out! 

The next morning we ventured to meet baby Davis and see our friends Natalie, Avery, Luke, and Shelby. Mae was in baby heaven. 

We then ventured to our old neighborhood and saw our old house before stopping at neighbors for a few days. It was bitter sweet. It looked the same and made us miss living there, but happy for the new place we are in now with new memories!

We finally got to "baby Jackson's" house and they couldnt have been any happier. We baked, walked, talked, played, cuddled, painted, and played some more. 


We crammed in lots of visitors and visits throughout the week and sadly didnt get pictures with everyone. This was Mae's Charlotte grandmother, Mrs. 'Brina. 

We sadly packed up our things and headed back down south to Florida to meet up with our better halves, Maggie and daddy. 

Love pulling into my aunt and uncles house, our wedding spot. 

Mae loved time with her uncle Mark and aunt Debbie. 

We made a day trip to see Aunt Cindy and cousins Jonathan and Aiden. 

We had lots of fun in the pool, boat, fishing, and in the sun!

Mommy and daddy got to venture away for a day date to Ponte Vedre Beach Club and then to ride the boat with my bestie from growing up, Cort and her boyfriend, Billy. 

The girls could not have had more fun. 

Headed home with happy hearts!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

We are the Champions...

Every year, at Father's Day weekend, a group of guys that we graduated with (reminder: Ryan and I graduated from the same high school at the same time, HHS '02) have a golf tournament. It started the weekend of our 10 year high school reunion and has kept going since. We have not been able to come to all of them, due to all of our moves, but this year it was fun for Ryan to get to join back in.

Of course, his team one, ha! Our family motto is, "Harbucks Don't Lose!"

After the tourney, Ryan and I had a much needed date night at the new steakhouse on 280, Perry's. Then we met everyone from the tournament and their wives for drinks afterwards. Such a fun day reminiscing about high school days. My stomach was sore the next day from laughing so hard! Go Bucs!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mae Lisa

My little Mona, Mae Lisa had art camp last week. She had so much fun and was shocked how great of an artist she actually was! It was a really cute camp at Briarwood that the teacher helped guide them and teach them on their paintings. She went Monday through Thursday for one hour each day. She did it with her bestie Janey, and some classmates from this past school year. 

So proud of this girl and cant wait to frame them! 

My little Mon

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Father's Love

I see a picture of my Father's love for me more and more as I am not a parent, but also watching Ryan being a dad to our girls. The love is unconditional, over-the-top, beat out of your chest kind of love and each day he can't get enough of them...and let's be honest, they cant get enough of him.

Happy Father's Day to the best dad around!

Fishy Fishy

Our sweet little Mae Mae has turned into a fish this summer. My generous mother in law offered to get her swim lessons, since they have a pool at their house, and let's be honest...It makes us all a little uneasy with babies around! So I was so relieved when she offered! Mae never cried, walked in there confident, and walked out a fish! She loved her teacher Mrs. Brittany! Thank you BB for the awesome lessons!

The goggles OWNED me.

She can now float on her own, swim on her own (head above water), blow bubbles, and jump in on her own and go under to swim to someone. SO PROUD! It is amazing how my heart literally lives outside of my body with both of my girls...It literally could explode.