Thursday, July 23, 2015

365 divided by 2

Maggie is 6 months! I can't even take it. It baffles me how quick half of a year went by! We love this girl so much and our hearts could burst! So much has happened this month that I want to remember:

She is sitting up for the most part. Not 100% stable, but definitely would rather be sitting up in most situations. 

Her dark hair has fallen out and a lighter color is growing in. Sometimes I see blonde, sometimes an Auburn color (like I used to have as a child). We are so eager to see. Her eyebrows are definitely an Auburn color. Her skin is still very fair, so opposite of her sister! Her eyes are still blue (taking after the Johnson side)

She is officially belly laughing all of the time. It is awesome. All three of us (me, Ryan, and Mae) can get her to belly laugh on almost all occasions. She is SUPER ticklish. 

We started baby food a little after she turned 5 months because she digressed in sleep and I felt like she was ready. After 2.5 weeks of it going great, she started to gag and refused to eat. So we stopped for a few days and started back slowly. Now she is loving it. She DOES NOT like anything green (peas, green beans, spinach) but loves butternut squash, apples, pears, peaches, mangos, prunes, and sweet potatoes. She isnt a fan of carrots, but just recently ate a mix of apples and carrots. She sucks her thumb in between bites and its the cutest thing I have ever witnessed. 

She is super sensitive to touch. Whether we are bathing her, changing her clothes or diaper, she squirms at any extra stimulation. So funny. 

We thought she was getting her first tooth last week (like her sister did at this age) but now realize it was just a growth spurt. I despise growth spurts for the record. Throws this TYPE A mom totally for a loop. She also had a slight cold in that mix, so she wasn't her happy-easy self. Poor baby. 

We drug out the jump jump gym for her to play in and the walker, both which she loves. Her sister loves her in them and plays with her as she thinks its just too cool! Mae is realizing Maggie is going to be her best friend and they have such a sweet relationship forming. 

Mae loves reading her books, bringing her toys, helping me change her diaper and more. If she is fussing, Mae is right there using her "mommy voice" trying to soothe her. Maggie adores her. 

On July 15th we introduced the sippy cup with water only and she took it like a champ all on her own. She drank too much and it scared the daylights out of me as she acted like she was drowning, so its definitely monitored and not a task we do too often. 

She is still exclusively breastfed and I have to admit: I am super proud of myself. I didnt last this long with Mae. It is just going so much better this time. My milk supply is better, I understand my body better, realize what makes or break my supply, and it is just easier this go around for our schedule and having a 2 year old. My mom swore I wouldnt last as long with baby #2, but I am glad to prove her wrong for once. Hehe. 

On July 16rh, we finally were able to drink from a size 3 nipples (took her long enough) but she would rather have the size 2 if she could chose. Just takes that nighttime bottle feeding (of pumped milk) last longer, but Ryan loves this time with her. He did the same with Mae, and it is their little bonding sweet. 

Yesterday, on July 22nd, she realized she can scream and yell with her voice and thinks its hysterical. So do the rest of us. 

I hate to admit this, but this girl LOVES her some TV. I try not to have it on much during the day, but when it is on, she will strain her head backwards and upside down if she has to, so that she can see the TV. She is a girl after her daddy's own heart!

I can not believe a whole 1/2 of a year has gone by. We are loving each new thing she learns and are sad to see the tiny little newborn grow up. However, it is TOO fun having two girls and even though I never thought we would be parents of two girls...we LOVE every second and wouldnt have it any other way. Thank you sweet Maggie girl for completing our family. We love you!

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Fourth

We had a great week last week with Nonna and K-Pa. Sadly, my phone storage filled up and Ryan has all my pictures on his harddrive at work, but we had a fabulous visit with them. Mae and Maggie were spoiled yet again with clothes, gifts, play-mates, bath givers, and caretakers. In the midst of all of that, we had some fun pool visits, mommy and daddy got a date night AND and date lunch, and mommy even got a mani-pedi with Nonna and lunch out. Perfect trip. We were sad to see them go, to say the least.

However, we couldn't have had a better weekend. Daddy got off work a little early Thursday afternoon (which is VERY rare these days) and we headed straight to the pool! Before bed, Mae and I had a little mother/daughter time. We bathed, braided our hair the same, and made cookies!

Friday, Ryan had the day off, and we had breakfast in bed from our tride and true-Chickfila. We took the girls to the playground, lunch out as a family, and a little shopping.

Saturday, the fourth of July, we started the day off by decorating the wagon for our neighborhood parade. Mommy and daddy fixed mimosas and we enjoyed the parade with friends. 

After the parade, we changed and headed straight to the pool. Dont judge us, but we always let Mae "drive" (It is only 100 yards away. We just have to take the car because we have so much STUFF these days! 

American flag bathing suits, Everywhere!

The BEST part of the day is when daddy offered to take the girls home for naps and I got time BY MY SELF, ALONE! for 3 hours!!!! It was unbelievable!!! Best. hubby. award. 

The clan joined me back at the pool after naps for a bit and then we headed to a friends house for cooking out and sparklers. 

We finished the night with two sleeping babies, TURNED up sound machines to zone out the fireworks, and Ryan and I enjoyed the fireworks snuggled on our front steps. Perfection.

On Sunday, we had a birthday party for some twins turning 1! I took Mae so we could have some one on one time, and daddy held the fort down with Maggie. We finished the weekend with a bang by eating out as a family, because after a weekend of fun, who has time for cooking and cleaning? Not me. 

I love my family and am so thankful for those who have fought for our freedom so that I can have weekends like this to reflect, enjoy, and be thankful! God Bless America!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


May 31 we had such a special day. We dedicated our sweet Margaret Ryan, back to the Lord. The service was super sweet and we were so thankful for close friends and family to be there.

I went with a lavender theme from the invitations down to the decor. Maggie wore the same outfit her sister did at her own dedication.

After the service we had everyone to our house to celebrate. I served baked ziti, salad, garlic bread, and a beautiful cake made by Suarez in Myers Park. 

The day could not have gone any better and we are so thankful God gifted us this sweet baby girl. We look forward to guiding her heart to the Lord and teaching her about grace, faith, and love. To God be the Glory!


5 months has come and gone! We can't love this girl more than we already do! It is amazing how your heart grows with each child in such a different way! Lots has happened this month:

Still in size 2 diapers, but not for much longer. She has to be well into 15 lbs. I am guessing since we have not been to the doc this month! 

She has learned a new trick where she shakes her head back and forth and her and her sister think its hilarious! She also is really close to sitting up on her own. She can stand great with help and has a strong leg support.

On May 25, she held her own bottle. 

On May 31, we dedicated this sweet cheeks back to the Lord. Such a special day. (More to come on that!)

She learned to blow bubbles on May 27th and learned to roll from her back to tummy consistently. On June 6th, we all had a rough night because she forgot she could roll back from tummy to back. She has learned now for the most part. We invested in a breathable bumper (from a sweet neighbor) and that has helped with her legs and arms getting stuck when she rolls. 

She had her second cold June 2nd, which lead to her first ER trip. Poor baby. 

Maggie used to fuss when we would lay her down for naps and bedtime, but we gave her a pink silky lovey and it has been a lifesaver! She snuggles with it immediately and sucks her thumb and is asleep in no time! 

We started a new schedule at 4 and a half months. Went from feeding every 3 hours to every 4. Maggie seems to like it much better, sleep much better, and spit up a little less. Mommy really likes one less feeding a day! 

We had our first beach trip last week and she did awesome! She loved being out on the beach with her towel and took some good naps! Mae would never do this at her age! Again, I reiterate she is the easiest baby on the planet. 

She loves her sister and smiles and laughs at her a lot, even though the random hits and accidents hurting her! Daddy can get her to laugh a good bit, too! 

She is currently going through some kind of growth spurt. I dont know if we both are dehydrated in this heat, or if she is just growing! But I have had to give her more milk than normal and she is waking up earlier than her normal 7-7:30 time in the morning starving. This too shall pass. I secretly enjoy the quiet, alone time with her. Just me and my littlest, 

Maggie girl, we love you with all of our heart and soul and are forever blessed to have you complete our little family! Thank you for always putting a smile on our face and making hard days so much easier just by being here! We love you to the moon and back x 100!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Back to Jax

As many of you know I was born in Jacksonville, FL, lived there for 7 years, have spent most of my holidays there, all of my extended family lives there, and we were married there. So it has a special place in my heart. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to introduce Jax to my youngest little nugget, Maggie. We had a blast with my parents, minus the ER trip (mommy over reacted with a cold):

Kelly Johnson and Kelly Mae were two peas in a pod, as always:

Maggie had a bad cold and I wont mention what they had to do to her, or I might cry again, but she is healthy and fine now!

We had potty breaks with a view:

We had matching wet bathing suit contests:

Me and my girls:

We did lots of strolls:

Mae enjoyed her first hotdog WITH a bun...devoured it!

I got a LITTLE r& much as you can get chasing around the two nuggets.

Maggie got lots of loving from my aunt Cindy, Great Grandma, cousin Daniel and Aiden, and friends Beth and Cameron. 

Dad and I had an early father's day breakfast:

Maggie's favorite nap spot, my arms in swing on the back porch:

Having another hot dog her K-Pa sent with her on our way home. 

Lots of swimming:

You could find me here when my parents each took a kid:

Our boat captain:

Did I mentioned we swam alot???

We had a great trip! The girls loved getting some special time with my parents, as did I! I left with two tired girls, a full tank of gas from my dad, and he also snuck some spending money for me to go shopping on my own and buy for ME! I think he got a slight sense of how crazy (but fun) life is! We are so blessed!

Before I go, I have to document Mae's funny sayings from our trip...she had us all in tears we were laughing so hard:

My mom flew up here to drive down with us to Florida, and was driving and said nicely, "Move over buddy" as she was trying to switch lanes. Mae yelled "MOVE OVER BUDDY!"

Yesterday, in the car, Maggie was fussing. Mae said, "Mommy, turn Maggie OFF!"

Mae pointed to Maggie's nipples and said, "Maggie boo-boo's"

When Maggie gets really upset and is crying, Mae will say: "HUSH Maggie! It's ok Maggie, It's ok Maggie"

I love HGTV and is really the only TV I ever watch if the TV is on...this morning while it was on Mae looked up at the TV while playing and said "I like it, I like it" referring to a house being shown. 

On the car ride down to FL, I was asking Mae what sounds animals make. I went through every animal I could think of and said, "what sound does mommy make?". Without a seconds pause, she said "I love you" 

Melt my heart.