Wednesday, March 1, 2017

two. four.

Maggie and Mae are officially out of the baby stage and are our sweet 2 and 4 year old. I look at them and still wonder how I got so lucky. I wanted to document some of the sweet things this season brings us with their cute and unique personalities. 


Maggie is sweet and spicy. She is the best little snuggler, yet can be so sassy and spunky, too. Her thumb suck and blanket hold to her face, owns me. She is talking SO much lately that Ryan and I catch ourselves looking at each other in mourning the loss of not having a baby in our house. She is a great sleeper, naps 1-3 or 4 daily and sleeps from 8pm to 7am or later. She is still in her crib, but did great on a recent trip, that we will be moving her to a big girl bed soon! She loves LOVES books and to read. Her favorite thing to do these days is get outfits out of the closet and lay them out with matching shoes and a matching bow for her 'baby'. Her little voice is the sweetest. She says "I don't know, mommy" all day long even when she does 'know'. She asks 'why' 2,000 times a day and is learning so much in her new little toddler world. She loves school, loves friends, and likes to pretend they are babies and talks to them in her mommy/baby voice. Maggie is a MAMA's girl, through and through. She loves music and to sing and dance. She is the one that keeps us on our toes, makes the biggest messes, but makes us so happy she completed our little family. 



Mae is the sweetest, most kind, rule-following, child I have ever been around in all of my teaching, babysitting, and time with other kids. She is a mommy-pleaser, great big sister (of course, she has her moments), and LOVES babies. She takes a car seat, diaper bag, baby, and paci everywhere we go. I love sneaking in on her conversations with her babies and hearing things I say, come out of her mouth to her baby. She loves school, loves her teachers, loves to learn, and is always wanting to learn more. She knows all her numbers, letters, and most sounds. She can spell her first and last name, Maggie's name, and knows all of her shapes. She knows our address. She loves Jesus. She is always asking to pray for others. She still is one of the few 4 year olds I know that naps daily. Never has missed one in her life. She is a girly girl, but loves sports and to play rough, too. She tells Ryan and I randomly she loves us out of no where and it melts us in a puddle. She will tell me I am pretty almost daily. She literally makes my heart burst with pride that I get to call her mine and that she gave me the title 'mama'.