Monday, September 1, 2014

It's a....

GIRL! Margaret Ryan Harbuck, "Maggie" will be here the end of JANUARY! She is very healthy, has all of her organs and body parts and is measuring a week ahead! I make big babies! We are so excited to add another girl to our family! I have come from a family of only BOYS out of all of my cousins on both sides, so it is super fun to have girls! I NEVER thought I would be a girl mom, and ALWAYS JUST KNEW I would have a boy at some point! But God laughed at my plan, and I am humbled by his! Ryan and I have always said we will have 2 kids, and unless some God throws us a curveball at some point...we are done! Love our new little family of 4!

Mom and I spent all weekend sorting through all, and I mean ALL, of Mae's baby clothes and man God sure knows what he is doing! I need NOTHING clothes wise for this baby! We are SET! Mom and I also went ahead and put Mae's big girl room together and Maggie's nursery together, minus Mae moving from crib to bed. We are going to do that in December some time.
(sorry for bad quality, dark pictures...blame it on the phone)

(The plates are being replaced with some antique pink ones mom got as a wedding present)

We have out own little Maggie and we have a t-shirt! We bought this the beginning of April before we were pregnant, knowing it might happen!

Now I am on the hunt for a double BOB stroller, diapers for 2 babies (Lord help me), and some cute matching outfits! Ryan already asked for me to get him a tea party set, since he foresees lots in his near future! ;)

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