Thursday, May 29, 2014

15 and gone!

Baby girl had her 15 month well check up yesterday, after an eventful Memorial Day weekend of 2 urgent care visits, the stomach bug, and an ear infection! She is on antibiotics and feeling better!

The doctor told me she was perfect, which of course I already knew, but glad to hear it on the medical end too!

Here are her stats...cant get the picture to rotate for some reason. Her head is HUGE. Like her mama's.

Have I mentioned we are OBSESSED with her pediatrician! She is amazing! My friend Maggie, from Auburn,  recommended her to me, she is her aunt! What a lucky niece! She is SO knowledgeable, experienced, and sweet to Mae!

Mae did not want the photo op after her shots. I don't blame her. 

So she got rewarded with a cookie from her BB. 

Thankful to my God for a healthy child, and a cute one at that! 

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