Monday, May 5, 2014

Phil said hey to me!

So we had a blast at the Wells Fargo Championship golf tournament. We ended up hitching Mae along for the ride and we are so glad she did. She was perfect, had so much fun, and made friends with everyone! We had to follow Phil Michelson, of course, I have always been a big fan, since I have to sit through so many Sundays with golf. Let's face it, golf on TV is the BEST time to take a nap. So, here is our trip documented:

As Phil, finished hole 3, we were in the walkway to the next hole. He seriously looked me in the eye and at Mae and said "hey guys!". I about died! Ryan was cracking up laughing at me. I was star struck. I just love that Phil is a family guy, all that he has been through with his wife's cancer, and of course because he is so good! 

Saturday night we had a fun night with Birmingham friends at a cookout, but somehow didnt take any pictures! Mae played with Avery, her new friend, and we enjoyed yummy kibobs and fun with friends!

This morning we ventured out with some neighbors to the local Strawberry Farm. We had a blast! Trip #2 documentation:

How cute are these girls: Isabeall, Mae, Kate, and Molly. Eleanor and Paige, not pictured because they were in their baby Bjorns!

Can you spy Mae???

We went on a hay ride, saw chickens, picked strawberries, played on their fun toys, and had fresh fruit slushies! Thankful for the LONG nap Mae is taking so I can blog! Happy Monday!

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