Thursday, May 22, 2014


Not a personal makeover for me, even though that would be nice, but this week I tackled a laundry room makeover. I actually got the idea from a fellow blogger, Lauren, and am obsessed with her blog. She did a laundry room makeover last week and it looks like it is a laundry room out of a magazine! I was so impressed, so I decided to be a copy cat! However, there are a couple of laundry room was WAY worse than our laundry room is double functioning as a pantry as well! She got adorable baskets, glass jars etc. and that is a long term goal of mine. Instead, I have the industrial size detergent, fabric softener, and some groceries, thanks to Costco. So, I will continue to dream that mine will look like hers one day.

So here is the SUPER embarrassing before:

What is sad is that my mom and I organized it when she was here last. I will admit it is hard to organize Costco size things, plus keep a pantry and laundry room tidy. Thank the good Lord for a door to close to this room. 

So, I got busy. I started throwing out, consolidating, and told Ryan we are not going to the grocery at all this week and I am making meals with what we have! So far so good! 

My first task was putting this guy together: 

When I was home last, I found this with a surfing sticker on it in my parent's garage. My mom found it at a yard sale and thought she could refurbish for her antique booth. Dad helped me take the surfing sticker off and load it in my car. Mom was so nice to 'donate' it to our home! :)

Ryan helped me cut real wood pieces for the chalkboard signs and I painted chalkboard paint on them. I love now having a place to put our mail, coupons, invites, etc. 

The next thing to tackle was Mae's massive amounts of bibs. I found two plastic wall hangers around the house and put those to use hidden around the corner of the door, along with brooms, mops etc. As hidden as I could get.  

I consolidated from two shelves down to one for our groceries. This made the biggest difference to get this second shelf out and gave so much more room. Plus helped us with some more storage in the garage. I realize this shelf is SUPER crowded still, but I know where everything is, and again, we are eating off of this shelf for the next week or two to help clear it off!

I then hung Mae and my lunch boxes. Yes, I have a lunch box, from my teaching never know when I may need that sucker again! And Mae's, how cute is it? I got Amy to monogram it for me and it is already for Mae when she starts school in Sept. at our church's mother's day out program. It is called "Wee School". How cute is that name?

I tackled the top of the washing machine by adding all of my 'necessities' in a basket my mom got for me when I was in Elementary School for my laundry...I love it! Oh, and yes, we still have an old school washing machine and dryer. It works, its paid for, and I love it. Hence the reason we dont have front loading, YET. 

I hung the ironing board with some recycled curtain hanging mounts. 

And there you have it! Ryan and I are loving the extra space! Maybe one day I can have nice baskets and clear jars that are magazine potential...maybe one day! 

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  1. Thanks for the love, Leighton! I think it looks great! Don't you feel so much better? Ahh, the joys of organizing. :)