Friday, May 2, 2014

2 weeks in a flash...

Rewind 2 weeks ago...lots has happened! First we had our Easter visitors! We enjoyed time with them here so much, nothing like a girl and her dad and some mom/daughter time!

We started off the weekend with a dinner at a local restaurant, Brick Tops! Yum!

Saturday, I put mom through torture and we went to the YMCA we have joined (its the thing to do here, so we caved!) and went to a cardio strength class. Mom hung in there with the best of them! I was so proud! 

The boys watched Mae and got us BBQ to eat when we got home. We then headed off for the A-day game to watch with the Charlotte Auburn Alumni Club. AND to top it off, Ryan just got voted in as the newest board member for the club! He even had to interview and everything! Whoop whoop, he does it all!

We met our friends, the York's there too. Their little girl is 2 months older than Mae and Mae loves her some Jackson! Emily, the mom and I, worked at JH Ranch together and went to Auburn together! They just moved here from Alabama, too! Small world!

Saturday night we had over our cousins to cookout and decorate Easter Eggs:

Sunday was our wonderful Easter, see previous posts for pics and details! 

On Monday, Mae and I loaded the car and mom jumped in with us to make the trek to Bham. Dad followed...It was so nice to have mom in the car to help with Mae. We had a great week in Bham:

Cookies at Brookwood Mall:

My parents have a doughnut shop in walking distance from their house so we went twice in our Pj's, and it was so yummy!

Of course we had lots of time with our besties, Amy and Jane. We went to the zoo:

We had a picnic at Homewood park and played with our favorite BB and Buck! 

BB even came to play one day: 

We found daddy's work sign so had to get a picture!

We tried to play with the big kids in the neighborhood almost every day, can you spy Mae? 

Mae played in Jane's sandbox and swimming pool: 

and we went on a lunch date with our uncle Travis downtown!

The main reason we were in town, was to watch Uncle Travis graduate from UAB with his MBA! We are SO proud of him!

This is our family with our uncle Philips and his wife Marty. Mae is sneezing in this picture...hilarious!

I made him this gift card tree of his favorite places, and mom and dad went in with me! 

Mae and I made the long trek back home by ourselves and couldn't wait to get back to our normal routine of reading books: 

and going to the indoor pool to play and swim!

We came down with our first ever fever this week: 

So we double fisted to keep hydrated, 

and took a cold, unwanted bath to break the fever!

All is better now, because we got our first "Romeo and Juliet" book from Mae's personal 'Romeo", baby Britt in Montgomery! We miss them so much and it was such a nice surprise!

Mommy and daddy are off to the Wells Fargo golf tournament tomorrow, and mommy cant wait to snag a pic of her personal favorite, Phil Mickelson! Oh, and maybe drink a beverage, sans baby...cheers!

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