Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shanty 2 Chic

Lately, I have had a slight obsession following these two women's blog. They are 2 normal women that love to build unique furniture out of wood. They share things they make for their house and also share FREE plans! I have been dying for Ryan and I to complete one of their many great ideas, so we finally tackled one last week! Floating Shelves for our kitchen!

To begin, we do not love our kitchen cabinets. We have nice granite countertops, but we want higher, taller,  more elegant looking cabinets. Right now, our first priority is saving for our master bath HUGE we decided to do some 'quick fixes' in the kitchen that are reasonably priced but make a big difference. On the list is adding a backsplash, adding molding to the top of our cabinets, and then these shelves. Eventually we will get all new cabinets, but now its not top priority. 

So, while my parents were in town last, my dad helped Ryan take down the cabinets.

We repurposed them in the garage for extra storage: 

Then Ryan prepped the space where the cabinets were: sanding, mudding, sanding, patching, painting, etc. 

He then started building the shelves, based off of the Shanty 2 Chic plans: 

And they started taking shape: 

I love how they turned out and they really have opened up the kitchen more. Ryan did a fantastic job and worked very hard on them! I am so lucky to have a handy hubby!

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