Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Blogging in the works!

I am determined to not JUST blog about our new pride and joy! Its hard not to, that is all I do everyday, ALL day! But I know most readers dont love her like their own, so I am going to put forth the effort to document some home improvements, decorating, our trips, and fun events going on in our lives! Today's blog post: A small DIY project!

I have just come back in town from helping my friend Amy, unpack, get settled into her new house, and paint furniture. It totally inspired me to spice up our house a little bit. We are currently renting, and to say I am not too happy about our house, is an understatement. Its just for a year and I am trying to make the best of it. So during this year, I decided to get rid of old cheap furniture, stick with our solid antiques we have inherited from family and do some redecorating. With that said, I am SO over chocolate brown. We have chocolate brown pillows, duvets, frames, furniture, bath mats, and more! So I am going to slowly start replacing with more neutrals and slight pops of color. Today's project was taking two simple frames:

and giving them a new look! First I used painters tape on the back to keep the back from getting paint splotches:

Removed the pictures and glass, and then got to work! I painted 2 coats, and blew dry in between, because I am beyond inpatient: 

Did all this while Mae supervised: 

and Voila!

I got my inspiration from the frame below on the left. I got it down at the beach while visiting Amy, and realized I had the SAME frame in brown. So now I have one crisp white (actually an eggshell cream) and then one with a more rustic look! 

I love how they all turned out! More projects to come!

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