Wednesday, September 25, 2013

7 months...

I just cant believe it has honestly been 7 months. I feel like I Just had her in my belly kicking around and that we were then just bringing her home from the hospital! Those nights of late night feedings and a still, quiet baby are gone! I am so thankful for those moments we had with our sweet baby Mae, but the Lord has totally allowed us to enjoy this time so much, too! We are loving watching her grow and change each and every day! Seriously, every day something new happens and it is OH so fun!

 -In this past month, you have learned to crawl! You were up on all 4's rocking and ready at 5 months, but had us waiting impatiently until 6.5 months for you to make your move! We cant believe we had a crawler at 6 months! Now you can get anywhere you please! Sometimes you forget you can crawl when we put you on our bed while we are getting ready, but we still surround you with pillows and you sit playing perfectly!
-At your 6 month checkup you were 16 lb. 10oz. You are probably in the 17 lb range now. Healthy baby girl!
-We switched your pediatrician to one in Montgomery and so far so good! He came highly recommended! He was very impressed by how well you can sit up and your temperament!

-Sept 12 you got your 3rd tooth (your top right) while we were at the beach with your BB and Buck! Now you are a snaggle tooth! The other tooth on top is trying to come in and mommy can feel it but it just has not made it's appearance yet!
-You love to yell and scream in a happy and fun excited way! Sometimes its on a play date when other babies are trying to sleep, or out to dinner when people are staring, but you are so happy when you do it, we cant help but laugh! We tell you nicely to shhhh, but laugh at ourselves knowing thats a joke! We are just glad you are happy!

-Sept. 11-14 we went to the beach with your BB and Buck! We had SUCH a great time in the water, sand, pool, relaxing, eating, shopping, strolling, and more! You were such a sweet baby and stayed right on your schedule! You loved having your grandparents with you waking up and all day long! What a treat!
-You are still in size 2 diapers. Mommy went ahead and bought the next box size 3 but still have enough 2's for this month.
-You love going to AU games and love to tailgate! Mommy and daddy love showing you off!
-You have learned to 'pat pat' anything. Mommy, daddy, the floor, pillow, etc. If we say pat pat you get on it!

-For a week or so you were moving your hand when we would say BYE BYE but we havent seen it lately, so maybe it was just a fluke!
-Just yesterday, the day before you turned 7 months, Sept. 24, you said MAMA! You dont know what it means but you said it! Such a fun day! 

-While at the beach you started leaning in for kisses with your Buck. We would say " Kisses" and you would lean in! So sweet! You have done it a couple of times since then! 
-Your schedule is pretty consistent each day, but if for some reason we are out and about and you get off, you are pretty flexible. Wake at 7, Daddy feeds you and lets mommy sleep! (round of applause for daddy!) Nap around 9. Lunch at 11, nap around 1. Snack at 3, cat nap around 4:30. Dinner at 6, bed time at 7. 

-On Sept. 24 you sat up for the first time in your crib! I was shocked to walk in to get you and see you like this! You did it again this morning holding on to the crib like you were in jail! You are growing up so fast! You thought it was so funny when I came to get you and you were just sitting there like a big girl!
-You LOVE your brother Eli! He is so good with you and love to stare at him or 'pat pat' him. If you are every fussy, daddy brings him in and you get so happy! He goes on family walks with us at night and you stare at him the entire time!
-Your BB and Buck got you your very own radio flyer wagon! We love to take you around in it on the driveway for rides! 

-You have started reaching out for us and we love it! So neat to see you actually act upon your wants and needs!
-You are eating like a champ! You love mommy's homemade baby food but do great with packaged if we are out and about. There isn't any particular food you wont eat as of now. Mommy can mix it with cereal and you dont care! Sometimes you make funny faces and we just disguise it with a yummy fruit to make it go down better. 
-Books are still your FAVORITE! You would chose them over any other TOY. When I say toy, let me clarify. You would much rather have non toys: hangers, remote control, cell phones, paper, or bags. You love it all!

-You started bouncing and jumping like crazy in your jumperoo on Sept 16! Its so funny to see you get so excited! I think its helping with some of the rolls, too by giving your some exercise! ;)

-Our 7 month photoshoots are getting more and more difficult! You love to play, crawl off the chair, play with the bunny, and grab the paper! So, enjoy the next photos! We love you Mae Mae and cant imagine life without you! Cant wait for many more memories!

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