Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Craft Day Round #2

After my weekend of helping Amy paint furniture and seeing how FAB it turned out, I decided I needed to do a little furniture facelift of my own! Here was the process:
1st-Find a piece of furniture to start with. I chose this great piece that was handed down to us from Ryan's great Aunt's house that we renovated. It was Max's (Ryan's father) grandmothers. For some of you that dont know me well, I am sentimental at heart, so I LOVE things that have meaning and a story behind it all!
2nd-Get permission from Max, that it was OK to sand and paint this baby! He said YES, and it all began!

First I moved, yes, BY MYSELF the piece from our dining room to our living room and drop cloth to have more space. 

Then I wiped it down. Ryan always says to sand it first, but Amy and Mrs. Peggy swore you dont have to so I went with their advice, one less step! Plus I HATE sanding! Then I chose my paint. This was paint we already had from a previous project and we got it for FREE yes! FREE! Ace Hardware had a promotion! This is one of 3 jars we got for FREE! 

I then applied a first coat. 

Big difference already: 
Then I let it dry, flipped it, painted underneath, then applied a 2nd coat. Mae in hand: 

She loved to watch. Let it dry and went to the pool with some friends and their babies! Great way to let it dry! When we got back, Mae went down for a nap and I began the sanding process...did I mention I HATE SANDING! Especially with a fresh new manicure, courtesy of my great mother in law!

The sanding began, one side at a time. 

Wiped it down, and VOILA!

I thought it turned out pretty good for my first piece! (Excuse the shadow from our chandelier and bad lighting. Again, stupid rental house) 

Some things I learned along the way: 
#1: Don't have a manicure.
#2: Babies love to watch mommies paint.
#3: Dont worry about getting every nook and cranny and applying a second coat, when you are             about to ruin it all by sanding anyway! 
#4: Going to the pool is a great way to let it dry and not be impatient!

On to the next project! Replacing more chocolate brown in our house! I think next step is making new pillow slip covers! Stay tuned!

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