Friday, September 6, 2013

Deal vs. Steal

I have been wanting some shabby chic lanterns for awhile now, but the ones I wanted were from Pottery Barn and were $139.99 plus tax and another store (Encore in Birmingham) even had the same ones for 150+. So, I have held off hoping to find a better deal. Today, however, I have found a STEAL!

I was at TJ comes second to my beloved Home Goods, but it will do. I went for a mission to get bathroom rugs, and only rugs. I did not find any up to par, so Mae and I were on our merry way...And then I spotted THIS baby! $39.99

Almost, if not, IDENTICAL to the one I have been eyeing from Pottery Barn: 
(compare to bottom left lantern)

In comparison, they have the same window panes, same lock, same metal detailing on the top, I mean I couldnt find a difference! Can you? Mine is the middle sized one, about 2 feet tall on the bottom left. I about fell on the floor! (Except I was holding Mae, so luckily, I did not). 

Once I picked up the lantern I noticed a piece of wood laying inside of it. 

I searched the lantern high and low and could not find where it could have come from at all! Window panes, Check. Inside, Check. Outside, Check. So, I figured if I couldn't tell, neither could anyone else and I would buy it! While I was at the counter, I got brave and asked the guy what the piece was from and he immediately said I don't know but here is 10% off, making it $36! SCORE! 

So total, I got the lantern with tax and everything for 39.60! Ryan will be pumped! (or he might say, did we REALLY need that lantern?) Answer: YES

And here it is:

Deal vs. Steal! 

*Disclaimer: Since I feel like I got a steal, If you want to give Pottery Barn some love, Here is the link here to buy the $139.99 one! I suggest go to TJ!

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