Monday, May 22, 2017


And just like that, my baby is potty trained.

I waited until a weekend that we would be home for a few days, school was out, and my mom could help. I couldn't find one. So I backed out last minute sadly to a weekend with my hubby and some friends to go to Memphis for the Chainsmokers concert and the BBQ-fest. I sent Ryan with a college bestie, and enjoyed a girls weekend with my mom and girls.

Day 1:
We started off reading "The Potty Book", put on new big girl panties, discussed the process, and encouraged with Jelly Beans. She went immediately on the potty. She had way more successes than accidents on that first day. 12 to be exact and 3 accidents. She was so proud and so was I. I dreaded this, because with Mae I was on pins and needles. I think I was more calm this time, because it was not my first rodeo, and she nailed it. I can't get over her in her big girl panties.

Day 2:
No accidents. We skipped church just to follow the "3 day potty training rule". But by dinner time, she had done such a great job, and Mama was stir crazy, that we went out to eat. She went on the potty while we were gone and we celebrated with ice cream and the park. I am so proud of my girl!

Day 3:
Today. No accidents and we even ventured to Costco. She gets so mad when I make her wear a pull-up for nap time and bed time but she still has not conquered that. I think she will soon though, based on how well this is going! Yay Maggie GIRL! I will always remember the two potty songs we sing and how exciting this has been for you! AND ME! PROUD Mama HEN!

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