Thursday, May 18, 2017

2 Little Fish

Swim lessons are in full force around here! Thankfully, we found someone who will come to our neighborhood pool for lessons. BB graciously is treating us to our lessons again this year, and we are so thankful! She has a pool in her backyard so she sees the importance, and so do I!

Mae is LOVING lessons and is doing great! She is still a little timid, but each day she grows more and more confident. I have to drag her out of the water to come home each time!

I had not planned on putting Maggie in lessons this year, and was going to wait until she is 3. The swim instructor brought an assistant so we decided to let Maggie try! She did great the first day, good the second, and only lasted 5 minutes the 3rd. But I do credit that to her not feeling great. I am so proud of her for trying to and doing so well!

We are halfway through lessons, and fill finish them up next week! Thank you BB for making sure our girlies are ready for the summer!

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