Thursday, May 4, 2017

Big Girl Bed x2

When I came home from the beach, we had plans to take down Maggie's crib and go with her big girl bed. My original plan was to keep her in her crib for forever and seriously not take her out of it for at least another year, because she is my baby, I didn't want her to escape and feared she would, and didn't think she was quite 'ready'. Well, after our spring break trip to Charlotte, she slept in a toddler bed air mattress and never once left it after I put her to sleep for naps or nighttime, so I knew she was ready. I told her to yell "mommy" when she was awake and she did just that. Well, she yelled "mom!", and I keep reminding her I am not her mom, I am her mommy! Cue the mama tears. 

From crib: 

To big girl bed:

No going back! She did fabulous! I am giving her crib to a neighbor this weekend and the pack and play with to a sorority sister! She has now conquered big girl beds at BB and Bups and K-Pa and Nonnas. SO so proud of my big girl!

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