Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tis' the Season

We had a wonderful month leading up to celebrating our Savior's birth. We started off with Mae's school Christmas party that I helped with. I was so busy dealing with 11 1-2 year olds, that I didnt get many pictures. Here they are before the party started and here is Mae chowing down on her Christmas cupcake:

We had a fun play-date Christmas party as well with all of our baby friends and mama friends. We made the same wreaths we made at Mae's school party since I had all the supplies, we decorated and ate yummy Christmas cookies, and the mama's enjoyed mimosa's (I snuck a few sips:) and had such fun playing with the kids:

We enjoyed dinner in Ballantyne (part of Charlotte) and listening to carolers and seeing the big tree:

We loved wearing all of our Christmas clothes: 

Date nights with daddy:

We enjoyed our daily tradition of opening in the mail in the same spot and enjoying all of the Christmas cards:

We had an Auburn Alumni board member Christmas party: 

We had bonfires and friends over for smore's in our backyard:

Ryan and I had a yummy dinner and Christmas party with his Charlotte Harbert office: 

My parents arrived Tuesday: 

We celebrated Christmas Eve at my cousin Rob and his families house. We enjoyed the BEST meal ever and played scattegories! 

It was all fun and games until Mae refused to eat and felt feverish, so Ryan took her home to nap while I got to enjoy time with my family. So we spent the next 48 hours in our PJS (including Christmas day) nursing her. She did get in a few smiles and play after Santa came: 

The two Kelly's snuggling and snoozing:

Mae got a slide, kitchen, mini trampoline, books, clothes, toys, you name it! She was spoiled by everyone! 

Friday dad and Ryan took Mae to the doc to hear she had a nasty ear infection and mom and I went to my 35 week check up. Maggie is all and well and on schedule as of now. I didnt do as good of a job documenting this holiday season with Mae being sick and my big old belly holding me down. All that matters is that sweet baby in the manger, and am so thankful for our Lord Jesus' birth and the reason for the season! Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!

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