Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Surprise Surprise

I have rarely been HONESTLY surprised in my life, because I am sneaky and pry and can usually find things out on accident. But my bestie and hubby surprised me like NO OTHER this week! On Monday morning, Mae and I were in our PJ's, doing laundry, getting our house back together from vacation, having house guests, and being at home for the holidays. It was a day of getting our life back in order and being I was folding a load of laundry, the door bell rang. There stood Amy and my husband videoing us. She had flown here and surprised me for the week! It was such a shock and SO fun! 

We have not stopped since she got here! From shopping, eating, the girls playing harder than ever before, park play, walks, painted, and more! The most FUN surprise!

The trip could not have been more perfect and I am so thankful for a lifelong friend who would take the time to come see me 4 states away! Mae loves her Janey and I love my Amy! Best Friends Forever!

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