Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We Heart Mae times 2

So...we had a 'heart' party for Mae's birthday as you have read took on a whole other perspective the following week. We have been told since Mae was born that she had a heart murmur. Each pediatrician (the ones in the hospital, plus our dr. in Auburn, Montgomery, and now in Charlotte) have all reassured us it would go away by the time she turned one and not to worry! So we didnt!

Well, we are IN LOVE with our new pediatrician here. A sweet friend (and nurse from when we had Mae) recommended her aunt here in town. I am SO thankful! This new doctor reminds me of my mom, she is so knowledgeable and confident, is extremely experienced and to top it off went to University of Florida! You know me, I am a Florida girl at heart, I grew up there!

So when we went for Mae's one year check up and the murmur was still, loud and clear, we started to worry. The dr. referred us to a pediatric about terrifying! A baby heart doctor!

Well, after a heated conversation with the referral lady and myself, we got Mae in as quick as we could (let's just say I was a nervous new mommy taking my baby to a heart dr.) So my sweet dad came up for support, since he has had his fair share of heart issues himself. Ryan met us at the dr. and results....

She has a perfect heart as we already knew! She is healthy as can be and will have the heart murmur the rest of her life, more than likely, but it is an innocent heart murmur and nothing to be concerned about...praise JESUS!

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  1. Love that sweet baby girl so much So glad her heart is OK.
    Love the sad face pictures at doc. Ha