Monday, March 24, 2014

Greenish Thumb

I grew up in a house where unless you were a human, you died. Plants never lasted at our house! It was a joke my mom always told me, that she could not ever keep them alive!

So I decided to make a change in our family heritage! My Charlotte friend, Webber, got the itch in me. She always has fresh flowers at her house and it inspired me. Now, I think flowers die and can tend to be a waste of money at I went with plants.

Ryan and I made a family trip to Lowe's Friday night! Man, we get crazy on Friday night's. I stocked up on some indoor and outdoor plants. Mae helped pick them out, too!

I went on a quick girls trip to Atlanta Saturday: 

Then Sunday got home and got to work. I had a little helper:  

Now, don't ask me the name of any of these, I have no idea! All I know is some are indoor and some are outdoor, thanks to the tag sticking out of the soil. Those tags will save these plants lives. 

I am excited about my new rosemary! I used to trim some out of my friend Elizabeth's yard in Auburn, and now I have my own! I can cook with it, use it for decoration and more!

And this baby, Webber brought to me the day after we moved here and I am SO proud to say it is still going strong! Yay, green-ish thumb!

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  1. I need to pay a visit to Lowes as well ... You got some great plants!! House looks so good!!