Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Filling our days...fast!

Ryan and I always joke about our moves, because I ALWAYS have a break down shortly after the settling begins. It goes something like this, "I have no friends, our neighbors stink, where are the Bottega's and my other favorite restaurants, I am home alone while you work, what am I going to do, , where will we go to church, what if we don't like it, I miss Publix, etc!" Well let's just say it lasts all of 5 minutes and then I am quickly blindsided with great friends, things to do, and my days fill...FAST! Well, funny enough, the break down has NOT happened since the move to Charlotte, and yesterday marks THREE weeks! I am so impressed with myself, I must say! I am sure Ryan is secretly extactic too, as I do not cry much so when I do he doesn't really know how to react...Amazingly this move has been the smoothest, easiest by far. I dont know why either, because its the furthest and we have known the least amount of people here.

So with that said, we are blessed. No other way to put it. First off, blessed by an amazing company Ryan works for who PACKED and MOVED us, we did not lift a finger, seriously. Then , we show up to our house, and they unload it all! We just point where! The night Mae and I arrived here...(she was PERFECT in the car, by the grace of God...she is NEVER perfect in the car, but this time, she was!)

Ryan was standing in our front yard waving with the big smile. Not sure if he missed me or Mae more...but I know he was ready for a home-cooked meal after living in a hotel for a month. I did not even walk in the house before we were greeted with neighbors with hot food! The best pizza I have ever put in my mouth...and, WINE! Hallelujah! Best neighbor award!

I walk into the house and Ryan immediately shows me the fridge, our realtor had it stocked! We had homemade lasagna to feed an army, gourmet sandwiches, drinks, forks, napkins, plates, etc. Everything you need when you know where NOTHING is, except in one of the million boxes. It was amazing!

Enough with all the details, we were showered with food. We went to neighbors the next night and they had warm chili for us since we were snowed in. They played and wore out Mae and it was amazing. We had a beautiful front and backyard full of snow.

AND thankful for the snow, Ryan was snowed in so he GOT to help me unpack and help with Mae! SCORE!

Mae and I have been walking the streets (we found an amazing lake with walking paths and geese 25 yards from our house). It is beautiful! Ryan cant wait to take her fishing and feed the geese!

Neighbors have been so sweet. Knocking on our door, greeting us, offering help, playing with Mae. We had our first neighborhood cookout last weekend and LOVE our new neighbors! Best part, there were 6 kids under the age of 2 and they were all GIRLS! Mae's new besties!

We have found a great park nearby and have had picnics.

A sweet sorority sister of mine, Webber, was my saving grace. She helped watch Mae for me to get my first grocery trip accomplished. They had us over last week for a wonderful meal and fellowship!

Ryan's fraternity brother and his wife, invited us to church and lunch after. They are so sweet and we are going to their house this Saturday to enjoy dinner!

We have had many play dates with neighbors and other friends, the first of many!

Mae is adjusting SO well in our new house. Poor thing has been drug around lots in the past few months...

We even got to visit daddy's new office.

Eli has met many new neighbor dogs and has a huge backyard to roll around in!

We have family here! My dad's cousin, his wife and two kids (they were my program attendants in my wedding!) It has been so nice to know family is around the corner! We even go to see Mae's great, great uncle this past weekend when they were in town!

We have a park, pool, and tennis that I have met lots of moms at too! Everyone is SO Nice! I want to live here forever!

I signed Mae up for Wee School last week...they remembered her name from Sunday School and just 'ooohhed and aaahhhed' over her. She is going to LOVE it there in September!

Mae and I have been busy checking out all the new stores...escpeially mommy's favorites: Home Goods and Tory Burch.

I seriously could go on and on. All I can do is thank the GOOD Lord above and just be content right where we are. Because THIS, is where we are supposed to be...no break down needed.

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