Monday, March 3, 2014

1st step

So we bought a house, moved 4 states over, survived our first snow storm in NC, celebrated Valentine's, turned 30, turned 1, celebrated some nuptials, signed Mae up for Mother's Day Out (aka. Wee School), took our first road trip, and are now North Carolina Residents! Thank the good Lord! So we have officially unpacked all and I mean ALL of the boxes! Hallelujah!!

Our first obstacle to attack was the garage. This past weekend was our first weekend here with no plans, minus a cookout with our new neighbors. So Ryan got to it!

We have accumulated LOTS of stuff over the years, especially with a baby, but our biggest bulkiest items are Ryan's tools. He recently inherited some from both of his grandfathers...I feel like we could build our next house because of these tools! They are MONSTERS! On his behalf, I am forever grateful that he is taking after both of his grandfather's in his woodworking hobby. We have some amazing pieces in our house and he can fix almost anything! Plus, it is so neat to follow in family footsteps.

Thankfully, Ryan chose 'tools' for his side of the garage, rather than his car, and my car will take up the other side. I have Mae on my side with not wanting to get wet when it rains, so Ryan's car got booted first! Thank you Mae, without you, it might have been my car out first! ;)

My most favorite addition to our garage, is a new (used) refrigerator. We have always wanted the extra food and freezer storage in our garage, but never had the room. Now, we do! While Ryan was working ever-so-hard on this garage, and Mae napped, I snagged a car to go to Harris Teeter (Our new grocery, side note: I miss Publix) I bought $100 worth of drinks for this bad boy! So, excited to not have to worry about running out of drinks!

Here is the before: 

And, Here is the after:

Stay tuned for many more transformations, minor and major coming soon! Can not wait! Thank you Ryan for working so hard on the first of many projects! Step one...check!

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