Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY back again!

Sorry for the delay in DIY posts, its been a busy past month or so for our family! We have been back and forth to Auburn games, Birmingham, a quick Nashville vacation (dont have pictures on this one, just take my word for it!), a crawling-pulling up-standing baby, and more! It has been hectic yet fun to say the least!

If you have been reading, I have been slowly but surely taking away ALL of the chocolate brown in our house and replacing it with neutrals or pops of color. It is making this short term rental house, a little bit more bearable. So one of the things I decided to tackle was our shower curtain...I LOVE my giraffe print shower curtain in neutrals and have had it since we got married. I have thought about monogramming it, but thankful I haven't, because Lord knows one can have oh too many monograms!

When we lived in Huntsville, my trusty/sewy friend Cortney, helped me add the chocolate brown ruffle and here was our outcome:
I LOVE, I mean L.O.V.E. a long, floor to ceiling shower curtain. Makes a small space seem so much bigger and also more elegant! I decided to rip off the chocolate brown and here is my process: 

I cut my fabric into two lengths, 18 inch and 13 inch. I wanted to make a double ruffle this time. I then hemmed both/all ends and then sewed those together. 

I made sure I had almost double the fabric for my ruffle as my shower curtain so I would have enough to ruffle. I hand stitched a ruffle thread to bunch and got busy!


I then pinned the ruffle 'right' side to 'right' side of my shower curtain. This is the 'wrong' side facing up. This was the only way I could make sure I did not lose a pin on the carpet
(always looking out for my Mae Mae)


And, here is the final product! I took one pic (iPhone pic, sorry) with the toilet covered (its a piece, dang rental) and then one without to get the full effect. I am pleased. It is no professional job, but hey, I am ok with that: 

It probably needs another good ironing job, but I am hoping the steam from showers will help lay it smooth! (Excuse the baby bath in the pic, K. Mae wanted a part in the pic!)


  1. Everytime I put pins in my mouth, my sewing teacher says "take those pins out of your mouth, I don't have time to take you to the ER after you swallow them!"

    1. bahahaha! I couldnt agree more! ha! However, the magnetic thing that holds mine together is Mae's FAV toy! agh!

  2. looks good my Hoover Alum friend! cannot wait for more! yes, keep them away from sweet Mae Mae!