Sunday, October 27, 2013

2/3 of a year!

Mae is 8 months as of Friday! 8 months out of 12! 2/3 of a year! Time slow down! We are loving life as it is flying by! Every day we catch ourselves saying how fun Mae is, how we couldnt imagine life any other way, and how God IS so good!

This past month, Mae has changed so much! 
-She is talking up a storm! She said 'mama' on Sept. 25, 'dada' on Sept. 29, and also says 'nana', 'baba', and recently 'lala'. If we are in loud places, restaurants, etc. She will start talking REALLY loud with everyone to be grown up! It is hard to tell a baby to sshh....ha!
-My mom (Bonnie) goes back and forth on what she wants to be called. She has been Granna, GranB, Bon Bon, B. Maw, and now she is recently Nana, since Mae can say it, ha! We think we probably need Mae to just start calling her something and we with go with that! 
-On Oct. 1 she got her 3rd tooth, the other top tooth. On Oct. 2, a mere one day later, she got BOTH of the teeth to the side of her two top teeth! She has SIX teeth now! My friend Amy sent me a tooth chart to expecting your child to have teeth and when. Mae is like an 11 month old with her teeth! We like to say she is advanced! ;)

-She pulled up for the first time on Sept. 30th. Now, she is pulling up all over the place and standing when and wherever she can! She gets so excited when she does it, because she is so proud of herself! 
-She still loves her crib and has started to realize she can play in it, other than sleep! She will sit up, roll over, crawl, pull up, fall down, and do it all over again!
-She still LOVES her bunny lovey, that our friend Kristen and Carter Mae gave us in the hospital! She has slept with it every night! She loves to play with tags and hold her lovey close when she sleeps!

-On Oct. 4, she learned to Clap! Granna taught her! We have it on video because we thought it was short lived, but she claps ALL the time now!
-She still sleeps 7-7 each night, and naps less than an hour in the mornings and 1-2 hours in the afternoon. We have officially dropped the 3rd nap unless we get off schedule one day for some reason. Thankfully, she thrives on a schedule, but is also very flexible if we get off! Thank the good LORD!

-Stood up in crib Oct. 9th and never looked back! Its so funny because she looks like she is in jail when we go in to get her! She laughs and thinks its hysterical!
-We then lowered her crib on Oct. 11 at BB and Bucks, our house, and Granna and K Paws. 


-We laugh at how Mae Mae crawls. She only crawls on her right leg, she uses her foot on her left leg to push her off each time! Ryan thought she was handicapped at first! He about gave mama a heart attack!
-We have started some table foods: black beans, cheerios, cut up green beans, a few bites of yogurt, mandarin oranges, potatoes, and a few bites of mamas cheese off her pizza once!

-On Sept. 27 (Harbucks) and Oct. 5 were the first nights she spent the night at her grandparents house without mommy and daddy! She loved it! So did Mommy and daddy!

-Mae watched Mommy play tennis for the first time Oct. 12th! This is a big deal for our family, as mama has grown up playing tennis and so has Granna. Mama played with Granna in a tennis tournament at the country club my parents belong to. It was so fun! Mama's team got 1st place and Granna's got 2nd out of 8 teams! Mae was our good luck charm and won us some $$$$!

-Oct. 21 she got her first REAL diaper rash. I document this because I am shocked we made it this long. It was BAD. She screamed the hardest we have ever heard her scream and hated to have her diaper changed. Butt paste, a warm bath with baking soda, and some water bottles helped us get through it within a day, thankfully!

-Because of all of her pulling up and standing up, we have started to have some first boo-boos! Its so sad to see her hurt herself and she not understand! She will do the same thing over and over again bruising herself up! Poor girl!
-This weekend she started doing a fake cough when her BB would cough! She thought it was hilarious and we would cough back! Its so fun to see her personality come out!

We love you K. Mae to the moon and back! Happy 8 months!

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