Monday, November 25, 2013

9 m.o.n.t.h.s.

Today marks 9 months! Wow, it has been so fun! Each day gets more and more fun and each day we thought we loved her the most we ever could the day before, but it just grows that much more when the next morning rolls around! It is so indescribable.

Photo shoots are getting more and more difficult. So below are a few from the many I tried, ha! You can see how she felt about them at the end.

This month so much has happened! She is pulling up and standing on everything. Crawling all over the place. Pulling up on our legs and hugging them so tight she might never let go. She loves to do this while I am cooking and it becomes quite the task! 

If we ask, "where is mama? or where is Eli?" she will look around for our dog or for me. She is a genius. We know. 

She went to her first pumpkin patch Oct. 27 with her BB and us. It was fun, but will be more enjoyable when she is able to walk and run around. 

She got to go to Zoo Boo and went on her first hay ride. 

On Halloween, we went to a Halloween party with other friends and their kids in Montgomery. Our little strawberry hung in with the rest of them! We went on another hay ride and even went to ONE door to get candy, really it was just for the video opp! 

On Oct. 28, mom overreacted and Mae went to her first 'sick' doctor appt. She was perfectly healthy and nothing was wrong. Weighed 18 lb. and 3 oz. However this time at the doc, she DID not like the man, and we had to hold her down. It was torture. Not looking forward to her 9 month appt tomorrow. Good thing daddy is going with us to this one. However, she did have her first cold. I let her watch cartoons for the first time and we snuggled lots!  

This past month is when she has started to realize there are strangers in this world. She will put her head on my shoulder when men come around at first, but she usually warms up to anyone and will still go to anyone very easily if they ask to hold her. 

She did cry for her first and only time thus far when I left her in the nursery at a bible study I go to on Thursdays. I later found out it was because she had a dirty diaper. I of couse, panicked and thought my child was going to be one of 'those' children that cry when I leave her, but so far so good, she hasnt done it again since. I hope it stays that way, but understand it might be coming sooner than later. 

Mae spent 2 nights at Granna (Nonna now, whatever it is these days!) and K. Paws. Mommy and daddy went on a little getaway to Nashville and enjoyed our time together, but missed our girl!

BB and Buck have kept her at their house some, too! She spend the night with them on our anniversary last week while we had a night at Ross Bridge and dinner at The Club. What a treat from Ryan's parents! 

Mae has started to growl if we growl or fake cough if we fake cough. Its hilarious and she thinks so, too. 

She is slowly, but surely starting to hold her own bottle. Honestly, I haven't made her much because I enjoy the snuggle time. She will do it, but prefers for us to feed her. She will get distracted and start shaking the bottle and gets milk everywhere, so I prefer it, too. 

We have introduced the sippy cup for a few months now. She knows how to use it and drinks water out of it. I am going to try formula in it again this week and see. Last time, it made her mad because she wanted it out of the bottle!

She still LOVES to be outside. We have had some beautiful fall days in the leaves, pine straw, front yard, swinging, etc. She still loves walks outside in her stroller as well!

Now that the weather is colder, I put warm hats on her. Surprisingly, she has not taken them off. She likes them. I don't think she realizes she can take it off, so it might be coming. I have a bow in her hair almost always, I guess that's the southern girl coming out in me. She has learned that she can take her bow out, but she realizes mommy puts it right back in. She does NOT have a choice in this matter. Sorry, Mae. Daddy doesn't like a bow in her hair either, but I will WIN this battle. 

She is eating LOTS of table food now. Some, that we feed her and some, she grabs herself. She loves Cheese, black beans, mandarin oranges, peaches, potatoes, apple sauce, bread, carrots, chicken, ham, and pork. 

She has started to show a little attitude here lately. She will throw her head back and kick if she is done with her bottle and we try to force it or if we sit down with her and she wants to play. This attitude better go away real quick, daddy says. ;)

We have a little table in our living room with storage that keeps all of her books. We call it her book nook. She is OBSESSED with books. She will look at them herself for long periods of time and LOVES to be read to. She will crawl over there and stay quiet and have some alone time. She loves it. We do, too. 

She stood for the first time on her own in our front yard on Nov. 14. She is doing it for longer segments now. She gets so proud of herself that it brings her down! She will take a few steps if we hold her hands.

We love you Mae Mae! Thank you for making us the happiest parents on the planet! Your sweet, spunky personality is perfect!

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