Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dream Job

So my dream job is exactly what I am doing. Being a mom. I get to stay home and raise our sweet baby, with help from Ryan. I could do a whole post on how this is my dream job, how I enjoy our time together, having time to do crafts and cook yummy meals, make our house a home, etc, but I wont bore you! Instead, I will fill you in on my 2nd most dream job!

If I could, I would LOVE to be a professional organizer. With this economy, I am sure there are not many people that want me to spend their money, nor have me touch their stuff or throw out things they might 'need' one day. BUT, again in a perfect world, this would be my dream job. A few years ago, my friend Holli even helped me come up with a name, which now I have forgotten, for my new 'organizing' business. My husband and mom say all the time I need to pursue this career, but it is all fun to think about but not the time to pursue right now, at least.  I L.O.V.E. throwing out, decluttering, tossing, rearranging, redecorating, replacing, out with old, in with the new, let's face it...

So with all of that said, and with some requests from a few of you, I thought I would list a few pointers to help you get a start on keeping an organized home! Of course, there are tons of things on pinterest to help you do this as well, but here are my thoughts:

1) Start Small. Small successes, create bigger ones. Do not try to tackle your entire garage at one time, nor your closet. Instead, just start with you shoes. Go through each pair: are they comfortable, are they still in style, have I worn them in the past year? If the answer is no to those, toss them or donate them! If you know me, mom and I are queens of consignment and garage sales! Then we donate what ever is leftover to charity! You should try it, too! Just making a small change, will create such a great feeling, that I will be shocked if you do not want to continue on to make a BIG change! You can do it!

2) Get your family, hubby, kids, roommate, on board. Things can not be organized if you are the only one that believes in it. Make sure everything has an obvious spot. Instead of YOU putting it back where it belongs, ask them too, or create a special bucket, tub, or place in your home where you can put it for them to put their things back where they belong.

3) Tackle one room at a time. I like the bathroom first. It is small enough and pretty straightforward. I keep a makeup bag and a toiletry bag for travels (however I keep all toiletries in it at all times, so I can just zip and go if traveling, instead of packing and repacking it). Once you complete the bathroom, when you feel ready, try the other bathroom! Then slowly make your way around the home. Noah's Ark was not built in one day, neither will your house be perfect in a day as well. It has taken me years, and I STILL find things that need re-organizing or tossing! Start simple, you will burn yourself out and get so overwhelmed you will give up. Just remember, less is best! ALWAYS!

4) If you do not use it, you do not need it. When I say use...have you touched it in the past year? My mother in law is AMAZING at always having what we need when we need it at her house. She always has extra food, extra medicine, extra towels, extra clothes, etc. It is SO nice! However, if you are like her, just check expirations, get tubs, shelving, labels, and get it organized! ALL of her things have a place and she usually can get to it in seconds! It is great!  If you have noticed an item you have has not been used in a year or two, TOSS it! No need in collecting dust!

5) Less is best. I have started following a friend of mine's blog: http://lauragailclaassen.blogspot.com/ . She HAS my dream job! I HEART her blog! You must check it out! She is slowly becoming a minimalist in her house. It is pretty amazing! She talks about how if you have less, it is less to deal with, less to put away, less to organize, less to clean, etc. It MAKES SENSE! I have been incorporating this less is best philosophy and slowly getting rid of things we don't need or use. I now can say ALL of our furniture in our house is furniture I LOVE, well made, and I have done away with cheap pieces we have accumulated. Now, when I buy a piece of furniture, I do not make quick decisions, I think on it, research it, and make sure it is something that will be a timeless piece that I can use forever. Then, of course pass down to Mae!

6) Avoid piles. If your house appears clean and tidy, but you have piles in each room...what is the point. I do make piles to get started...BUT then I tackle the pile. I will be honest, we always have a pile in the kitchen of bills, tickets to games, pictures, gum, and any other knick-knacks, that I can never find a perfect place for, so I am CONTINUING to find a way to avoid this...

Hope this helps! Please believe me, that I still have LOTS to do in our house, but am on the right track!

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