Monday, November 11, 2013


When you hear the word 'starburst', do you think of the candy? I used to, because I am always thinking of food...However, recently, I think of the new style of mirrors! They have small, large, gold, silver, wooden, plastic, you name it! In our local antique store that I have a booth in, I spotted an AMAZING starburst mirror, that I just HAD to have! I thought of all the ways I could wing it, cause we definitely did not NEED it. 'Needs' these days stick to diapers, formula, food, gas for the car etc. NOT a FAB mirror.

So, I decided I would save up the money that I earned in my own booth and hope the mirror would not have sold by then! I have sold several pieces of furniture in my booth, but this bad boy of mirror was more than I had made so far, so I wasn't at my goal yet. Dang!

Well today, Mae and I went to buy a few Christmas presents for some family members on the list and make a quick trip to Costco. When I returned, I had a sleeping babe in my arms and laid her down for a nap. I then proceeded to put pictures in some frames of pictures I got developed at Costco. When I went to grab a frame from our bedroom, I saw our mirror that is usually on the mantle in the corner of our room. Confused...I went back into the living room and...

I about FELL on the floor! I immediately called Ryan, aka. best hubby ever!, and could not believe it! I just want to sit on the couch and stare! I have never wanted a piece so bad for our house! I do NOT deserve this, but am SO thankful for this wonderful surprise and even more a husband who I am so lucky to have! 'Atta boy Ryan! I love you! 

This mirror is EXACTLY what I pictured! It has twine around the actual mirror part, and is the perfect compliment to our rustic 'chic' look I am going for! I. am. in. love. Now to decide to keep it leaning or to hang? Since we are in the rental, I am going to go with lean until we are in the new house...what do you think?

PS. Our 4 year anniversary is in 10 days! Perfect timing!  

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