Thursday, April 25, 2013

2 months today!

Happy 2 month's baby girl! It is crazy to think back of all the changes in just the past month! You weigh around 11 lbs according to our scale at home (go to the dr. next week)
Here are some 2 month things that we love about you:
-Sometimes when you want attention but you don't want to cry, you will do this big breath/fake cough. It is the cutest thing in the whole world!
-You love going around town with mom. We go on walks, lunch dates with friends, run errands, and more! You sleep great in your car seat, but if you are awake you are talking away to me and wide eyed taking in all of the places!

-Sometimes when you are really upset (which is very rare, it is only when you are hungry at night) you snort when you cry. Daddy and I cant help but laugh at you while you are crying this way!
-The best smiles you give are in the mornings. I let daddy get you out of your crib on weekend days so that he gets to smile with you!

He then will sneak you downstairs and let mommy sleep some more. Yall have a daddy/daughter morning. He loves you so much and is the best daddy! Kisses with daddy is still his favorite! You will turn your head because his beard scratches your face, but I know secretly you love it! Being a daddy's girl is the best!

-You are definitely more mobile this month. You have found your hands and love to stare at them intently like they are some new invention! You like to suck on them with the whole hand in your mouth when you are hungry, its so cute but at the same time so sad because I know you are super hungry!
-Speaking of being mobile sometimes mommy comes in to get you in your crib and you are turned 90 degress completely! It amazes me how you manage this, but I know its from all those kicks you give when you are getting settled to sleep or waking up.
-If you wake up crying, I know you are still tired or something is wrong (rare, but if it happens it is because you are usually hot, you sweat like your daddy) So I let you cry for a few seconds and you are right back to sleep. Then you wake up happy and talking while you wait patiently for mommy to come get you.
-Since you have found the wonderful invention of your hands, you have just started to bat at things. When I lay you under your play mat or in your car seat you will bat at the toys that are in front of you! GENIUS on our hands!
-We call you Houdini sometimes. You got out of your swaddle almost every time so we stopped swaddling your hands down, and then a few weeks later stopped swaddling all together! You like to be free!
-You have been napping like a big girl this month! Mommy calls it baby boot camp but you are succeeding like a champ! We try to stay home when its time to nap and you are napping in your crib each time. Mommy rocks you for a few minutes and puts you down wide awake. You fuss for maybe 1-2 minutes and then you are out! I am so proud of you! Sometimes you don't even fuss and just talk and play until it wears you out a few minutes later. You like your right side to sleep on, but if you end up on your back you like your hands up like a touchdown!

-You love your bath! You make the cutest faces and hold your hands really close to your body. You hate to get our and cry because you are cold and HATE lotion time before PJs.

-You LOVE to sit up, even though you are still too little. You love for daddy to hold you sitting up on his knees and you even love the bumbo for a few minutes. I think its because you are so observant and like to see everything going on. You hold your head up great and have been since you were just a week or 2 old so the sitting up things works great!

-You LOVE being outside. Sometimes we sit and wait on daddy to get home or will go out there if you are fussy before night time. We think you might be allergic to pollen, because you sneeze lots when you are out!

-You are doing amazing at night sleeping! You have slept 8-9 hours in the past week. Last night you went from 7-4:45! You wake up before that for your paci but go right back to sleep!

-There have been a couple of instances that we have scared you by playing with you. You quiver your lower lip and its so sad but so cute! Once daddy lifted you high in the air and it scared you and we caught it on camera!

We love you so much baby girl! Mommy is going to start taking anxiety meds asap to get her through this next dr. appt with 4 shots! I know you will be strong for her!

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