Saturday, May 4, 2013

Married to Me

Recently my bible study group did a study on "What's it like to be married to me?"
I didn't get a chance to participate because it was when I was 9 months pregnant, preparing for my maternity leave, and then having our sweet Mae join our family! I wish so much I could have joined in on this and plan to get the book asap. I have not even laid hands on the book and it is already speaking to me in a major way. It makes me really take a step back and think what it would REALLY be like to be married to me? Ryan exemplifies the spouse I want to be. He is always putting me first, he waits on me, he prays with me, he leads our marriage, he makes me laugh, he is always positive, he leads our devotions, he is always in a good mood, rarely stressed, never complains, always up for a good time, pleasing me is a priority, always keeps me informed, works his cute butt off at work, communicates extremely well... I mean I could go on and on. I know being a husband and being a wife have completely different roles, but wow, what a great way to think about it if I were married to myself. The bible is such a great outline of how our marriage should be and I need to constantly reevaluate what it REALLY would be like to be married to me? Something to think about!

Good thing is, Ryan doesn't need to worry about what it is like to be married to this guy more than life and so happy he has made marriage my most prized possession!

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